RESURRECTED (2023) Reviews of religious sci-fi horror

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‘What if the Vatican could cheat death?’
Resurrected is a 2023 American sci-fi horror film set in a dystopian future when the Vatican knows how to resurrect people. Meanwhile, a priest discovers a conspiracy behind the resurrections and their possible link to a series of murders.

Directed by Egor Baranov from a screenplay written by Joe Rechtman based on a storyline by Egor Baranov.

The Bazelevs Production-Logical Pictures production stars Dave Davis, Karli Hall, Erika Chase, Kristen Ariza, Julian Moser, Beau Boyd, Brad Greenquist, Ezra Buzzington, Timothy V. Murphy, Michael Villar, John Garret Stocker, Maryna Bennett and Jessica Gardner.

In the near future, the Catholic Church has found the secret to resurrection. However, they only grant a second life to sinless believers under 65. One man, whose son was the first to be resurrected finds the awful conspiracy behind the secret to eternal life, and now the Church will stop at nothing to stop him.


“I wouldn’t even say that Resurrected passes for a thriller, since the narrative is sometimes quite confusing and difficult to follow, and there are plenty of illogicalities as well as difficult-to-believe moments that the viewer can pull out of the suspension of belief. If we add to that the fact that the content broadcast to the viewers is potentially offensive, harmful or simply just plain difficult to understand, then I really could not recommend anyone to watch the film, at best to avoid it.” Game Channel [translated from Hungarian]

Resurrected is not a very exciting fantasy (particularly for a spoiled and well-watched viewer). The events of the film revolve around a private family story. Only occasionally does the story take a mini-trip through the dark corners of the Internet. The dynamics of the narrative are low, the number of locations is minimal, and the only action scene with several blown up cars takes place in the finale and has no plot meaning.” Kinopoisk [translated]


Technical specs:
1 hour 37 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

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