HAUNTED POLAND (2011) Reviews and overview


Haunted Poland
is a 2011 found-footage horror film pieced together from amateur footage. The film was produced by Maso & Co Productions.

Filmed cinéma vérité-style, Haunted Poland depicts the contents of recorded tape filmed by a couple: Ewelyn played by Ewelina Lukaszewska, and Pau played by Pau Masó who visited Poland to meet and visit family.

Unfortunately, the duo soon finds themselves disturbed by all manner of strange phenomena upon visiting the girl’s hometown where she once played with an Ouija board.


“The quick scare shots are delivered poorly and never give us any sort of foundation to which we “think” it’s more than someone’s camcorder tapes that they happened to slap a label on. This of course is not the first of this kind, but …. the more interesting ones are timed better and build upon a felt tension that gets us from point A to Z.” Horror News

“If you like horror films, this is not one. It has brief glimmers of one- albeit a generic one – which is a sign of hope. As a whole, this film suffers from all of the usual found footage cliches. As a bonus, it finds some new ones.” Mondo Bizarro

Original title:

Nawiedzona Polska