RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE (2010) Reviews and overview


‘Experience a new dimension in evil’

Resident Evil: Afterlife is a 2010 Canadian-German science fiction action horror feature film written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, loosely based on the video game of the same name by Capcom.

The movie is the fourth entry in the Resident Evil franchise and stars Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates and Shawn Roberts.


In a world overrun with the walking dead, Alice (Milla Jovovich) continues her battle against Umbrella Corporation, rounding up survivors along the way.

Joined by an old friend, Alice and her group set out for a rumoured safe haven in Los Angeles. Instead of sanctuary, they find the city overrun with zombies, and a trap about to spring…


” …it’s entertainment as bludgeon. And after almost a hundred minutes of its pounding soundtrack and endless succession of projectiles and feet flung directly into our faces, the result is a film that generates more heat than light, and a nasty headache to boot.” Den of Geek!

“Anderson has a knack for uber-ridiculous, ultra slo-mo action scenes, which jolt some life into the picture, but an assembled-from-leftovers plot and dreadful speech bubble dialogue sink any involvement you might have with these drab if buff remnants of humanity.”  Empire

” …as we have come to expect from this series, and this director, the films always look good and have well-staged action, but they don’t have one iota of originality or imagination – to the extent of virtually recreating key scenes from The Matrix, Die Hard and The Descent.” The Guardian

” …the action is easier to read than in most films of the genre, and therefore more enjoyable. Anderson makes particular use of sets and locations to wring out more bang for the stereoscopic buck.” Los Angeles Times

“Cannibalizing John Carpenter’s Thing and much of the sci-fi-horror canon, Afterlife is more moribund than its thronging undead” The New York Times

” … Afterlife is a far cry from the murky, ceiling-wax aesthetics of the series’ earlier iterations. Yet despite this professional sheen, director Paul W.S. Anderson (who also directed the original) can hardly manage a hint of suspense or excitement.” Variety

Cast and characters:

Milla Jovovich … Alice
Ali Larter … Claire Redfield
Kim Coates … Bennett
Shawn Roberts … Albert Wesker
Sergio Peris-Mencheta … Angel
Spencer Locke … K-Mart
Boris Kodjoe … Luther
Wentworth Miller … Chris Redfield
Sienna Guillory … Jill Valentine
Kacey Clarke … Crystal Waters (as Kacey Barnfield)
Norman Yeung … Kim Yong
Fulvio Cecere … Wendell
Raymond Olubawale … Axeman (as Ray Olubowale)
Christopher Kano … Sniper #1
Tatsuya Goke … Sniper #2

Filming locations:

Shibuya Crossing, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan(opening scene)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Technical credits:

96 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1
Audio: SDDS | DTS | Dolby Digital | Dolby Surround 7.1

Box office:

The Screen Gems release grossed $60 million in the US and Canada with $240 million in other markets for a worldwide total of $300 million.

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