GOBLIN (2020) Reviews and overview of creature feature


‘Sometimes, we find ourselves in places we ought not to be…’

Goblin is a 2020 American horror film about a young mother having to deal with various difficult humans and a very hungry little creature.

Directed by Chris Lee from a screenplay written by Rosa Parnake, the Sam-Sapien production stars Ashley Rene, Joe Cummings, Houston Towe and Wayne Lundy.


” …it’s good for what it is. It’s an afternoon popcorn (or even something more perception-bending) diversion. Blend up some domestic abuse and a cute but deadly, little CGI beastie, add in some gratuitous nudity and a geriatric Van Helsing neighbor across the street, shoot the whole thing on a prosumer level digital camera, et voila, Goblin!” Film Threat

“Digital low-budget indies sometimes need getting used to, but this one has surprises up its sleeves that redeem the weaker moments. The special effects are ambitious and rendered unusually. The score is scarce, so our emotions are mostly our own. This film is something else.” Tales of Terror


Goblin was released on Amazon Prime on October 29, 2020.

Cast and characters:

Ashley Rene … Sara (as Ashley René)
Joe Cummings … Danny
Houston Towe … Sam
Wayne Lundy … Officer Lundy
Teresa Isbell … Teacher
Rod Randolph … Larry
Babe McGuire … Linda
Weston Banning … Danny Jr.
Pat Giglio … Sgt. John Roth
Phoenix Hernandez … Corporal Carl Phoenix
David Mason … Elias

Filming locations:

Chandler, Arizona

Fun facts:

Goblin was shot entirely on one low-cost Sony A7SII camera with native lenses.

Trailer [4K]: