Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid is a 2004 American horror feature film and a sequel to the 1997 film Anaconda. It was directed by Dwight H. Little (Halloween 4) and was released in the United States on August 27, 2004.  It is also known as Anaconda 2: The Black OrchidAnaconda 2: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, or just simply Anaconda 2).


A group of explorers is looking for a sacred flower that they believe will bring humans a longer and healthier life, or maybe even cure cancer. The origin of the giant anaconda of the first film is also explained. The film was followed by the made-for-television sequel Anaconda 3: Offspring.

A team of researchers sets off into a jungle in Padrang – Borneo, Indonesia to search for a “blood orchid”, a flower they believe can be used as a type of fountain of youth. Though their guide Bill Johnson (Johnny Messner) has misgivings about which path to take, Jack Byron (Matthew Marsden) bribes him to take the path he doesn’t think is safe. The team ends up going over a waterfall and having to wade through the river. A giant anaconda emerges from the water and swallows Dr Ben Douglas (Nicholas Gonzalez) whole, while the rest of the team escapes the river. Bill tries to assure them that it was the largest snake he’s ever seen and that it should take weeks’ for it to grow hungry again, however, most of the team demands that the expedition be called off.

They decide to travel to Bill’s friend John Livingston (Andy Anderson) who lives on the river to see if he can borrow his boat and his whale. However, Livingston is killed by another anaconda and his boat crashes into the riverbank. The team sees an explosion and finds the boat wrecked and are disappointed for losing their chance to escape from the jungle and find only a few essentials for their quest. While continuing their journey, they find Livingston’s chewed up corpse. Bill realises that it must be mating season, which means all of the male anacondas come out of their territories to find the nearest female in its mating pit…


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