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Zombie 108 is a 2012 Taiwanese horror film written and directed by Joe Chien (Zombie Fight Club) and produced by Morris Rong (who also stars). It is also known as Z108.



In District 108, a sleazy area of downtown Taipei, a virus has caused chaos and a horde of bloodthirsty zombies to be unleashed. A SWAT team moves in to rescue any human survivors however they are resisted by a local crime gang.

Meanwhile, a sadistic and sexually depraved psychopath has taken advantage of the apocalyptic situation to kidnap women as his victims and the living dead as slaves. The SWAT team and the gangsters are forced into an uneasy alliance in their attempts to fend of the flesh-eating ghouls.

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“…the film is passable as a semi-decent horror and not bad as a first attempt. However, it is too random plot-wise and too lacking in atmosphere and suspense to ever fully compete with its predecessors in the genre. Sticking with the traditional zombie/social turmoil plot would have been best in this instance.” FilmJuice

“It is badly made, schlocky, misjudged, unbalanced and woefully cast. Of course all those elements could potentially gel into an enjoyable b-movie worth sitting down to and laughing at, but this film just winds up being a desperate bore … It is violent, which is fine, but its aggression, especially in its most wanton circumstances, is directed towards woman with a degree of maliciousness and borderline hatred.” TwitchFilm

“While most horrors and thrillers are highly unoriginal, Zombie 108 makes interesting alterations to the archetypal monster movie; its subplots of cops versus robbers and mass-raping sociopath on the loose provide a welcome departure from the usual. SoulCulture

“Chein, the young director, splashes blood, rips body parts and hurls flesh in practically every single scene, drowning any semblance of a coherent plot or storyline in gratuitous violence and dismembered limbs. The time lapses, flashbacks and flash forwards Chein employs also upset the flow of the movie, leaving you confounded as to what, exactly, is going on.”

Zombie108-supermarket seige

“What the promotional material fails to mention is that the film even gets a little bored with its traditional shambling zombies vs. humanity plot, and decides to spice up the action with a little martial arts action, parlour tumbles and even a torture subplot.” ScreenDaily


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