FROZEN (2010) Reviews and overview

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Frozen is a 2010 American survival horror film written and directed by Adam Green (Hatchet films) and starring Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore, and introducing Emma Bell. Hatchet star Kane Hodder has a brief cameo role.

Childhood friends Dan Walker (Kevin Zegers) and Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) along with Dan’s girlfriend Parker O’Neill (Emma Bell) spend a Sunday afternoon at a New England ski resort on Mount Holliston. Not wanting to pay full price for three ski lift tickets, Dan convinces Parker to bribe the ski lift attendant Jason (Ed Ackerman) to let them all on the ski lift.

On the way up, the ski lift shuts down but starts back up again shortly. After spending all afternoon watching Parker fall over herself because she cannot snowboard, the guys are eager to take one last run down the mountain before they go home. However, it is now evening, and the ski resort decides to close early because a storm is moving in.

The friends remind Jason of the bribe and convince him to let them on the ski lift one last time. At this point, the resort is almost deserted. Before the group gets all the way to the top, Jason is called into the boss’s office and is replaced by a co-worker Rifkin (Adam Johnson). As Jason leaves, he tells Rifkin that there are only three skiers left and then the ski lift can be shut down. Another set of three skiers comes down the mountain. When Rifkin sees them, he shuts down the ski lift stranding them in their ski lift chair far above the ground…


“In a way, Frozen’s plot of three skiers caught on ski lift 90-feet in the air and left to dangle after the snow lodge shuts down for the week, is just like the predicament of the stranded skiers themselves: nowhere to go.” Jeff Gilbert, Drinkin’ & Drive-In

” …one of the most tense, exciting and downright shocking films I’ve seen in a while.” Beyond Hollywood

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