BANGKOK HAUNTED (2001) Reviews and overview


Bangkok Haunted (Thai: ผีสามบาท) is a 2001 Thai horror film compilation, directed by Oxide Pang and Pisut Praesangeam.

At the time of its release in Thailand, Bangkok Haunted was the second-biggest grossing Thai horror film since Nang Nak in 1999.


A trio of ghost stories, are told by three people sitting around in a darkened Bangkok bar.

In Legend of the Drum, an antiques dealer discovers that a dancer’s musical spirit possesses an old drum in her shop. In Black Magic Woman, a lonely young woman is given an aphrodisiac perfume. It is extracted from corpses. Finally, in Revenge, a police cadet searches for the truth behind a girl’s suicide by hanging.


Variety critic Derek Elley noted the film’s atmospheric stylistic touches and technique, saying the first segment, Legend of the Drum was the strongest in terms of storytelling, but Black Magic Woman is “largely an excuse for soft-p*rn sequences between some yucky shocks”, and Revenge has weak plot development and had an over-reliance on “flashy effects”.

‘Overall “Revenge” is best story of the three segments and Oxide Pang Chun who directed this segment his work really stands head and shoulders above the other two segments directed by Pisut Praesangeam. While I had no problem with the length of the three segments one could argue that each one could have easily been fleshed out into a feature length film. Overall Bangkok Haunted makes for a great evening of entertainment’. 10k Bullets

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