RUBBER (2010) Reviews and overview


Rubber is a 2010 French surreal comedy horror feature film written and directed Quentin Dupieux about a tyre that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers.

In the late 90’s, somewhere in the California desert, a tyre suddenly comes to life and embarks on a killing spree. At first, it learns how to stand upright and then how to roll. It comes across a plastic water bottle and after hesitating, crushes it. It then comes across a scorpion and crushes it. It then comes across a glass beer bottle but is unable to crush it by rolling over it. It then starts to vibrate intensely and psychokinetically causes the bottle to fracture. It then induces a tin can, a rabbit, and a crow to explode.

The tyre (billed as “Robert” in the credits) then sees a woman drive by and attempts to use its powers on her. However, it only succeeds in making her car stall. As the tyre begins to roll towards her stalled car, a truck comes by and runs the tyre over. This breaks the connection, allowing the woman’s car to start again, and she continues on her way. The tyre finds the man driving the truck which ran him over. Using its psychokinetic powers, the tyre blows up the man’s head.

Settling into an obscure desert town, the tyre comes across the woman in the car. She is staying in a motel and, after watching her shower through an open door, the tyre reserves the room next to hers. After the motel maid finds the tyre showering and throws it out of the room, the tyre blows up her head. Chad, the sheriff from the opening of the movie, shows up to investigate the murders…