HELL’S GROUND aka ZIBAHKHANA (2007) Reviews and overview

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‘Pakistan’s first gore film’
Hell’s Ground aka Zibahkhana is a Pakistani/British slasher horror film directed by Omar Khan.

The film passed censors in Pakistan (with 9 seconds of cuts) and became the first non-35mm, HDV feature film released.

Doozakh-pur” (Hell’s Ground) is a town that is notorious for crimes such as robberies and murders, and many lost commuters disappear without a trace. Some protesters are shown demonstrating against the act of polluting the drinking water. Some villagers are seen gathering the same water for drinking purposes. Five college students, namely Vicky, Ayesha, Roxy, Simon, and O.J. are on their way to a concert. While in Hell’s Ground they make a brief stop so O.J. could throw up near a river after eating spoiled Laddus.

While he is vomiting he is bitten in the leg by an unknown man. After crying for help and escaping his attacker he rendezvous with his group and they decide to move on. However, they haven’t driven too far when they run into a crowd of zombies in the woods, who has turned into the undead presumably because of the contamination in their local water. The group narrowly manages to escape.

Later, when the group feels lost, they are left with no choice but to seek help from the local natives living in the isolation of the Jungle. Upon exploration, a strange man dressed in a robe and representing the attire of that of a Fakir agrees to help them. However, after witnessing his strange and obnoxious behaviour the group decides to force the man out of the car. When he barricades the car with his body, Vicky drives over him, crushing his body.

Eventually, the rented van is out of gas, and Vicky decides to get help from a nearby house. Little did he know that the house was being used as a trap to lure visitors so they could be killed and butchered into pieces by a strange character wearing a Burqa. From that point, the plot unfolds to reveal the fate of each character…


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Nothing here is technically new […] No, what’s most fascinating about this exceptional movie is watching director/co-writer Omar Ali Khan balances his love of old school fear, the mandates of his Muslim society, the censorship inherent in Pakistan’s film industry, and the changing face of his adolescent audience, all in one blood-soaked romp.’ DVD Talk

” … likely the goriest film yet to come from Pakistan (!), is content to immerse itself in staple horror film conventions. In unashamed devotion, this film mixes in devices from the slasher, zombie, Poverty Row, and Hammer genres. With web-ascending spiders and other obvious gothic trappings, the Universal Studios tradition also gets tossed into the blender.” Film Threat

“This movie is pure gold! Director Omar Ali Khan and the guy who owns Mondo Macabre, Pete Tombs, deliver one of the most badass flicks of the year!” Ain’t It Cool News

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