IT aka Stephen King’s IT (1990) Overview


IT – aka Stephen King’s IT – is a 1990 American miniseries based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

The story revolves around an inter-dimensional predatory life-form, which has the ability to transform itself into its prey’s worst fears allowing it to exploit the phobias of its victims. It mostly takes the form of a sadistic, wisecracking clown called “Pennywise the Dancing Clown”.

The main protagonists are “The Losers Club”, or “The Lucky Seven”, a group of social outcasts who discover Pennywise and vow to destroy him by any means necessary. The series takes place over two different time periods, the first when the Losers first discover Pennywise as children, and the second when they’re called back as adults to defeat Pennywise, who has resurfaced.

It aired as a two-part television movie on November 18 and November 20, 1990 on ABC, and loosely follows the plot of King’s novel.

Main cast:

Dennis Christopher, Annette O’Toole, John Ritter, Richard Thomas, Tim Reid, Michael Cole, Olivia Hussey, and Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) as the evil Pennywise. .

Plot [includes spoilers]:

1960: In the town of Derry, Maine, six-year old Georgie Denbrough is lured to a storm drain when his paper boat drops down into it. He encounters a seemingly friendly clown who calls himself “Pennywise the Dancing Clown.”

Pennywise tempts Georgie closer with promises of candy and balloons, exclaiming that they all float down into the sewer. He says that Georgie can float too (hinting at being a dead body) before revealing his true nature, grabbing him and viciously tearing his right arm off. His older brother Bill is overwhelmed with guilt for inadvertently sending Georgie to his death and is terrorised when his picture comes to life, giving him a stutter from the trauma.

1990: Mike had become the only member of the Losers Club to remain in Derry after the events of the 60s. His memory of the events are still completely intact, and when he hears of the mysterious, unexplained death of a little girl (shown in the film’s prologue), he begins to suspect It has returned.

He calls up each of his friends, who have all become successful in their own right, Bill becoming a horror novel writer married to a beautiful actress named Audra; Ben becoming a famous architect as he’d always wanted; Beverly becoming a fashion designer; and Richie becoming a late night TV comedian. Eddie owns a successful limousine service and Stan has become a real estate broker.

Having moved on into comfortable lives and having barely a glimmer of the memories of that summer, they are all traumatized by the memories awakened by Mike’s phone calls. While they agreed to return as promised, Stan, unable to cope with the fear kills himself.


“All things considered. It gets a lot of flack for straying from the original novel greatly, but it is a 1990 television movie, so for the resources director Wallace is given, it offers up a creepy and spooky tale about the past coming back to haunt you.” Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed

Cast and characters:

  • Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown / It
  • Harry Anderson as Richie Tozier
    • Seth Green as Young Richie Tozier
  • Dennis Christopher as Eddie Kaspbrak
    • Adam Faraizl as Young Eddie Kaspbrak
  • Richard Masur as Stanley Uris
    • Ben Heller as Young Stanley Uris
  • Annette O’Toole as Beverly Marsh
    • Emily Perkins as Young Beverly Marsh
  • Tim Reid as Mike Hanlon
    • Marlon Taylor as Young Mike Hanlon
  • John Ritter as Ben Hanscom
    • Brandon Crane as Young Ben Hanscom
  • Richard Thomas as Bill Denbrough
    • Jonathan Brandis as Young Bill Denbrough
  • Michael Cole as Henry Bowers
    • Jarred Blancard as Young Henry Bowers
  • Olivia Hussey as Audra Phillips Denbrough
  • Gabe Khouth as Victor Criss
  • Chris Eastman as Belch Huggins
  • Frank C. Turner as Alvin “Al” Marsh
  • Terence Kelly as Officer Nell
  • Jay Brazeau as Derry Cab Driver
  • Sheila Moore as Ms. Sonya Kaspbrak
  • Tony Dakota as Georgie Denbrough
  • Chelan Simmons as Laurie Anne Winterbarger
  • William B. Davis as Mr. Gedreau
  • Ryan Michael as Tom Rogan
  • Laura Harris as Loni
  • Garry Chalk as Coach
  • Kim Kondrashoff as Joey
  • Helena Yea as Rose

Filming locations:

New Westminster, British Columbia