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Beyond the Door III is a 1989 Italian-Yugoslavian horror feature film directed by Jeff Kwitny. Also known as Amok Train and Death Train

The movie is a sequel in-name-alone to Beyond the Door II (the US title for Mario Bava’s Shock, 1977).


A group of American students go on a Balkan Studies field trip. They meet up with their professor (Bo Svenson) to bear witness to a sacred pagan ritual.

When they realize that they’re the ones to be sacrificed, they run for their lives and escape by hopping on a train. But there’s another problem: the train is possessed and is determined to reunite these kids with their horrifying fates! The evil train thirsts for blood and soon the students begin dying horrible, gruesome deaths.

One girl, however, seems marked for eternity as Satan’s bride. With their method of escape turned against them, they must find a way off this train gone amok!


“The story itself is not only derivative but has an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink mentality yet the execution is admirable. Cinematographer Adolfo Bartoli makes the most of the misty Yugoslavian landscapes and filters (and manages some elegant sequences) and the pyrotechnic special effects are quite ambitious for a low budget production (even if the model is laughable).” DVD Beaver

“Thanks to cinematographer Adolfo Bartoli the film looks far, far better than it ever had a right to given the low budget. The squishy gore effects are as good as, even superior to, those seen in the much better known — and, to my mind, often overpraised — works of Lucio Fulci from the same decade. Ultimately, though, what derails this movie (yep, I just had to go there) is one of the most inane scripts imaginable.” Eccentric-Cinema

“Absolutely ridiculous from start to finish it may have been, but you grudgingly admitted you had been entertained, if laughter counts as a success in the entertainment world.” The Spinning Image

Cast and characters:
Mary Kohnert … Beverly Putnic
Bo Svenson … Professor Andromolek
Victoria Zinny … Beverly’s Mother
Savina Gersak … Sava
Sarah Conway Ciminera … Christie
William Geiger … Kevin
Alex Vitale … Angel
Ron Williams … Larry
Renee Rancourt … Melanie
Jeremy Sanchez … Richard
Igor Pervic … Marius
Susan Zelouf … Miss Chase
Tania Alexander … Air hostess
Mario Novelli … Engineer
Ratko Tankosic … Coal Stoker

Filming locations:

Belgrade, Serbia

Technical details:

1 hour 34 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
Audio: Dolby

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