GALLERY OF HORROR (1967) Reviews and overview

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Gallery of Horror  also known as Gallery of Horrors – is a 1967 American horror anthology film by David L. Hewitt (Monsters Crash the Pajama Party; The Wizard of Mars; The Mighty Gorga) from stories by Russ Jones. The film includes footage from Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe adaptations.

Gallery of Horror

The similarity of its promotional title – Doctor Terror’s Gallery of Horror – to Amicus Productions’ hit Doctor Terror’s House of Horrors led to title changes, including The Blood Suckers, Return from the Past and Alien Massacre. It has also been released as The Witch’s Clock, after the first story, and the only one to feature star John Carradine, who hosts the interstitial segments in a dinner jacket.

The film stars Lon Chaney Jr., Rochelle Hudson, and Hewitt stalwarts Roger Gentry and Vic McGee. The other stories include “King of the Vampires,” “Monster Raid,” “Spark of Life,” and “Count Alucard,” which is credited as “Count Dracula.” In the latter story, Jonathan Harker (one of several roles essayed by Gentry) is revealed, in a humorous twist, to be a werewolf.

“…a mind-numbing marvel to behold. Cheap cardboard sets of high school pageant caliber, tons of stock footage from all too familiar superior films, cast members having to suffer three or four different roles, insipid animated bloody red screen wipes, a bloated and bewildered Lon Chaney, hiring John Carradine for a Dracula film and not having him play Dracula, “twist” endings which muster up nothing but unintentional laughs…” DVD Drive-In

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” … looks like it was performed by a fourth-rate acting troupe with props and wardrobe left over from a school play.” John Stanley, Creature Features

“The stories involve witches, vampires, zombies, and, briefly, werewolves. All are silly, heavy on exposition, leading to trick endings. This works fine in EC comics but poorly on film. Still, the third and fourth stories are entertaining, and the whole film is well-meaning and unpretentious.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers

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