THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS (1974) Reviews and overview

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‘He was their judge… jury… and executioner!’

The Centerfold Girls – aka Centerfold Girls –  is a 1974 American horror thriller film directed by John Peyser from a screenplay by Bob Peete, based on a story by production executive Arthur Marks (J.D.’s Revenge). The movie stars Andrew Prine, Tiffany Bolling, Aldo Ray and Ray Danton.

A depraved religious fanatic (Andrew Prine) sets out to punish all the “immoral” women who have posed for the centerfold of a men’s magazine…


‘Very cheap looking … The Centerfold Girls is essential 1970s Californian exploitation which is anything put predictable and features a dream grindhouse cast.’ DVD Drive-In

‘Thankfully, The Centerfold Girls does not drown under the weight of meanness. Perhaps surprisingly, given the seeming message of the film, it is the models themselves that are the few genuinely good people and it is their niceness that bucks the misanthropy elsewhere.’ Hysteria Lives!


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‘ … a highly recommended venture for those who love nasty exploitation features with that 70’s vibe and style that was a signature of the decade. Despite the rampant nudity and sordid atmosphere, the way the film is shot and directed adds an undeniable air of professionalism to the whole enterprise.’ Cool Ass Cinema

The Centerfold Girls is likely to appeal to fans of both exploitation as well as slasher purists, and the two genres complement each other nicely here. Prine’s performance is exemplary, and there’s no dearth of naked women or delicious murder. Essential viewing.’ The Church of Splatter-Day Saints

Cast and characters:

Jaime Lyn Bauer … Jackie (segment “The First Story”)

Aldo Ray … Ed Walker (segment “The First Story”) – Don’t Go Near the Park; Bog; Biohazard

Dennis Olivieri … Tim (segment “The First Story”)
Janet Wood … Linda (segment “The First Story”)
Teda Bracci … Rita (segment “The First Story”)
Tallie Cochrane … Donna (segment “The First Story”)
Paula Shaw … Mrs. Walker (segment “The First Story”)
John Hart … Sheriff (segment “The First Story”)
Jaki Dunn … Nurse (segment “The First Story”)
Charlie … Miss January (segment “The First Story”)
Ray Danton … Perry (segment “The Second Story”) – Hannah, Queen of the Vampires; Deathmaster; Psychic Killer

Francine York … Melissa (segment “The Second Story”) – Curse of the Swamp Creature

Jeremy Slate … The Detective (segment “The Second Story”)
Mike Mazurki … The Caretaker (segment “The Second Story”)
Jennifer Ashley … Charly (segment “The Second Story”) – Inseminoid

Kitty Carl … Sandi (segment “The Second Story”)
Ruthy Ross … Glory (segment “The Second Story”)
John Denos … Sam (segment “The Second Story”)
Janus Blythe … Roommate (segment “The Second Story”) (as Janis Lynn)
Tiffany Bolling … Vera (segment “The Third Story”) – Kingdom of the Spiders

Connie Strickland … Patsy (segment “The Third Story”)
Anneka Di Lorenzo … Pam (segment “The Third Story”)
Scott Edmund Lane … Sailor #1 (segment “The Third Story”)
Richard Mansfield … Sailor #2 (segment “The Third Story”)
Dan Seymour … Proprietor (segment “The Third Story”)
Walden … Himself (segment “The Third Story”)
Andrew Prine … Clement Dunne – Simon, King of the Witches; Barn of the Naked Dead; The Evil


Previously available via Troma Entertainment, in April 2009, Dark Sky Films released the film on a ‘Special Edition’ DVD, transferred and restored from the original 16mm camera negatives and with a new retrospective featurette with producer Arthur Marks and actors Andrew Prine, Francine York and Jennifer Ashley.

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