Lovely Molly – USA, 2011 – reviews

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Lovely Molly is a 2011 American horror feature film directed by Eduardo Sánchez (The Blair Witch Project). The Haxan Films production stars Gretchen Lodge in the title role, Johnny Lewis and Alexandra Holden.


When newlywed Molly returns to her long-abandoned family home she is plagued by a series of disturbing events that leaves her shaken and defenceless.

Reminders of a nightmarish childhood lead her to the shocking conclusion that somewhere in the house lies an evil force that will pull Molly and all those around her into darkness and death.

Unable to escape, she must soon face her deepest fears and confront the evil that lurks in the dark…

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“It displayed a stand out performance by Gretchen Lodge and it stayed with me long after it was over. Yeah it got a bit repetitive an hour in or so and Molly should have been pulled out of that house, or should have just booked out; but that wasn’t enough to tarnish the experience that was this multi-layered horror film. Lovely Molly! I love ya!” Arrow in the Head

“In the end, it wouldn’t be fair to say that Lovely Molly is a mess, but it certainly feels like half a movie. I’m constantly on the lookout for the next great supernatural horror movie and this one had potential. But, Sanchez went a little to arthouse here and left too many questions for the audience.” Mike Long, DVD Sleuth

“This horror melodrama from Blair Witch co-director Eduardo Sanchez surprisingly isn’t a found-footage picture — but a ghost story/crack-up effort which seesaws between The Entity and Repulsion. Lodge is uncomfortably convincing and there’s one memorably squirm-inducing act of violence.” Kim Newman, Empire


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Lovely Molly is technically excellent, with some neat camerawork and images, but falls flat in every department. Dull and unscary, the film only adds weight to the fact that the horror genre is in desperate need of a shot of creativity and originality.” Scott Davis, Flickering Myth

“The movie refuses to go broad and hysterical with it, though, and Lodge’s performance is natural and dialed down to normal human being levels. The script might give her some overtly creepy moments, like her attempted seduction of a local priest, but her basic humanity is never lost. This approach sort of reminded me of The Exorcist…” Brett Gallman, Oh, the Horror!

Cast and characters:

  • Gretchen Lodge … Molly
  • Johnny Lewis … Tim
  • Alexandra Holden … Hannah
  • Field Blauvelt … Pastor Bobby
  • Ken Arnold … Samuels
  • Tara Garwood … Mother / Mall Woman
  • Camilla Zaidee Bennett … Little Girl
  • Kevin Murray … Hensley
  • Doug Roberts … Uncle Bert
  • Dan Manning … Doctor Dean
  • Daniel Ross … Victor
  • Brandon Thane Wilson … Spit Cup
  • Bus Howard … Crime Scene Cop
  • Josh Jones … Peter
  • Bethany Hoffman … Family Friend

Filming locations:

Hagerstown, Maryland

Technical details:

100 minutes

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One Comment on “Lovely Molly – USA, 2011 – reviews”

  1. Wow, what a helluva movie this is..and as I’ve said before, one of the biggest compliments to a horror film is that it holds up in repeated viewings, and boy, does this one hold up extremely well, IMO.. I’ve come to realize that my love for this movie is not shared by many, but rather I’m in the minority with the high praise I give Sanchez’s, “Lovely Molly”.

    Gretchen Lodge is amazing as Molly.. her performance gives me chills every single time I’ve seen this movie.. Alexandra Holden in a supporting role as Molly’s sister, Hannah, is fantastic, and even though her role is maybe a quarter of what Gretchen’s role is, Hannah could not have been played any bit better by even someone such as Meryl Streep(yea, I know, a little extreme of a

    I will never understand the hate that this film continues to receive, nor the confusion so many complain to have after watching it. For me, it wasn’t one of those films that are left so opened ended/ambiguous that you’re left wondering what in the hell was going on throughout the film. While, yes, it could be debated as to whether this was mental illness, or supernatural haunting/possession..I had no doubt as to which it was especially after Molly’s final scene plays out, combined with the actual final scene of the film showing her sister, Hannah. Together, for me, it left no doubt that this was indeed a supernatural horror film.

    Love, love, love this movie! ..and to this day it’s a movie I select to watch every once in a while when looking for a horror film thats dark and moody ..”Lovely Molly” is just that, dark and moody.

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