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Saint (original title Sint; released as Saint Nick in the United States) is a 2010 Dutch dark comedy horror feature film about Sinterklaas, a character comparable to Santa Claus in English-speaking countries.

The film was directed by Dick Maas; in a return to the horror genre of his earlier movies De Lift (1983) and Amsterdamned (1988).

The story distorts the popular traditions of Sinterklaas and portrays him as a ghost who murders large numbers of people when his annual celebration night coincides with a full moon.

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In the Middle Ages, the bloodthirsty St. Nicholas murdered his way across the country before being burned to death in his ship. This Christmas, the bishop will rise from the dead to slaughter as many children as possible….



“Cult Amsterdamned director Dick Maas pulls out all the stops to deliver an unashamedly trashy treat; he’s even unafraid to put child characters in real peril, via a midway orphanage inferno that proves all bets are off. The film might not feature the actual Santa Claus, but the uniquely Swedish mythology makes for a refreshing change, and there are plenty of moments of truly imaginative, budget-defying spectacle.” David Graham, Eye For Film

Saint is two-thirds of a really clever movie, and the rest of it isn’t bad enough to sink what comes before. It’s good, trashy fun, and those who are in the joke are going to love it. You know who you are.” Jason Bailey DVD Talk


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