Haunted House aka Which Witch? – board game

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Haunted House is a classic family board game from the 1970s. Players have to try and be the first to get through the haunted house and break the witches’ spell. An early incarnation was known as Which Witch? and a later one as Ghost Castle where plastic elements had been introduced to the “set”. At various times Ideal, Milton Bradley and Denys Fisher all manufactured the game.

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The ‘house’ is made of a three-dimensional game board depicting the rooms of the house, with a staircase leading to a ‘charmed circle’. The first player to reach the charmed circle is the winner.


During the game, players must try and avoid the witches’ spells which may turn you into a mouse, or the dreaded ‘Whammy Ball’ which is dropped down the chimney and may send a player back to the previous place. Unscrupulous players would release the ball early to spoil games.

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Because of the number of small components, this game is now very hard to find in its original condition. Pristine sets from the 1970s can reach sums of around £80.

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  1. Absolutely my favourite board game of all time (Ghost Castle not the original Wtch Witch?) – I have three versions of this including the original 80s one, then the updated artwork version by Flair from 2002 and now the new version by Goliath which has more traps and an altered board but the same mechanics. Unfortunately the Goliath one absolutely looks the business but half the traps set off when you even fart near them so best of sticking with the 80s or 2002 one. A true childhood gem!

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