GHOSTKEEPER (1981) Reviews and overview

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‘There are worse things than getting lost in the snow’

Ghostkeeper is a 1981 Canadian horror film directed by Jim Makichuk. Also known as Ghost Keeper

The movie stars Riva Spier (Rabid), Georgie Collins, Murray Ord and Sheri McFadden.

Paul Zaza provided the soundtrack score and re-used some cues from Prom Night (1980).


A trio of snowmobilers in the Canadian Rockies become stranded at an abandoned hotel where an old woman seems to be hiding something.

The film was released in Canada and the United States in December 1981, being distributed by New World Pictures, but did not receive a home video release until 1986.

It was eventually released on DVD by Code Red Releasing in April 2012. The DVD included a commentary with Jim Makichuck, Riva Spier and Murray Ord, an interview with the director of photography John Holbook as well as an interview with actress Georgie Collins. The film is presented in 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen for the first time on video and has been restored from the only known existing film elements.

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“Ghost Keeper is a bit of a slow burner but weirdly appealing if you’re willing to go along with its peculiar rhythms. The actors don’t have to do anything too demanding beyond looking scared or apprehensive (except for Collins, a stage actress who gets to chomp some big chunks of the scenery), but director Jim Makichuk conjures up a palpable icy, gothic mood…” Mondo Digital

“Given its potential for creating a distinctive Canadian horror film, it’s hard to classify Ghostkeeper as anything but a failure. Though the film does work in fits and spurts, it really struggles to balance the crowd-pleasing genre fun of the creature feature with a more adult, serious exploration of human relationships, and it ultimately works as neither.” Canuxploitation

” …the movie does work up a bit of atmosphere, and the acting is not too bad.” Caelum Vatnsdal, They Came from Within: A History of Canadian Horror Cinema

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Great tacky artwork! But there’s an Aztec temple?


Cast and characters:

Riva Spier … Jenny
Murray Ord … Marty
Sheri McFadden … Chrissy
Georgie Collins … Ghostkeeper
Les Kimber … Storekeeper
Billy Grove … Danny
John MacMillan … Windigo

Filming locations:

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Alternate/missing intro:

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