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Macabre – aka Rumah Dara – is a 2009 Indonesian slasher horror film directed by Kimo Stamboel (DreadOut) and Timo Tjahjanto (The Mo Brothers) and starring Julie Estelle and Shareefa Daanish. It is based on the short film Dara.


According to the official Twitter page for Rumah Dara, the film is banned in Malaysia because of excessive violence. The movie is the first Indonesian film to be banned there.


A group of people are travelling by car to the airport when along the road, they meet a beautiful woman named Maya who says she has been robbed and needs a ride home.

The story unfolds as the group of travellers attempts to escape from a house which is owned by a mysterious lady named Dara and her family. Later, it is revealed that the family are killers and cannibals attempting to gain immortality. The group is repeatedly attacked with a vast array of weapons…


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“If you want gore, blood and random graphic violence you’ve come to the right place. Macabre is a very bloody movie without being Schnaas-boring or cutting away too fast like most American “graphic” horror movies. This is French-style stuff, and if you’ve seen Inside, Martyrs, Frontier(s) etc, you know what I mean.” Ninja Dixon

Macabre is a very fast paced, blood-filled delight with enough substance to make this more than just another slasher. It takes talented direction and a skilled cast of actors and actresses to maintain this pace throughout a film and both are exhibited within. Some of the more sinister aspects could have been expanded on but this would have slowed the pace and made this a different film entirely possibly numbing the effect of the action.”Horror Extreme

“I enjoyed the mild dark humor, something almost never seen in an Asian horror film (y’all too serious!). They get a lot of mileage out of one guy’s decapitated head sliding around the floor, and there’s a great sight gag of our heroes, chained up in a room, trying to avoid being covered in blood…” Brian W. Collins, Horror Movie a Day


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“By the end a film filled with satisfying clichés gets overtaken by them and ultimately uses them as a crutch rather than a tried-and-true generic trope. Macabre is reliable genre fun, but I wish it had the balls to venture just a few steps beyond the formula.” Rich on Film


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