DIE SCREAMING MARIANNE (1971) Reviews and overview

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Die Screaming Marianne is a 1971 British thriller feature film by directed by Pete Walker. The movie stars Susan George and Barry Evans.

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Marianne, a nightclub dancer, is on the run from vicious criminals. On her 21st birthday, she will inherit a vast fortune as well as some legal papers that will incriminate her father, a crooked judge. When her father invites Marianne to his estate in Portugal, a game of cat-and-mouse begins…


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Die Screaming eventually limps through a boring series of anti-climaxes, each less compelling than the last. It’s a shame because Susan George is quite good in her usual role as a sympathetic sexpot. If the film has one redeeming scene, it’s the red-screened title sequence, where Marianne shakes her literal moneymaker in a skimpy black bikini.” Blu-ray.com

“It’s an interesting idea for a story, but a mix of high expectation and low budget leaves a final product that doesn’t really deliver. Maybe you expect more of the cast, perhaps more substance to the tale or more likely, with Pete Walker as director, you expect something a little more shocking. Either way, it comes up short.” Cinedelica

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“Other than a handful of entertaining bits in the first half – including some choice lines from Genn like “We do not mention money at my dinner table,” followed by, “Now tell me, did you fornicate with Marianne?” and a sequence in which Eli is nearly “rubbed out” by two men posing as police officers that is somewhat suspenseful as well as humorous – it’s a bit of a slog until about fifty minutes in when Marianne and Eli accompany Sebastian back to Portugal to “go see The Judge”…” DVD Drive-In

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“… Die Screaming Marianne‘s lackluster levels of sex and violence and at times the movie does feel very restrained when compared to more gratuitous fare such as Frightmare or The Flesh and Blood Show. On the other side of the coin, however, the movie looks quite good and features some great seventies mod culture oddities such as the go-go dancing opening…” DVD Talk 


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