CHAINED (2010) Reviews and overview


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Chained is a 2012 American psychological thriller film directed by Jennifer Lynch, starring Vincent D’Onofrio, Julia Ormond and Eamon Farren.


Bob (Vincent D’Onofrio) is a cab driving serial killer who stalks his victims on the streets alongside his reluctant young protégé, Tim aka Rabbit (Eamon Farren).


Abducted by Bob as a child, and now in his teens, Rabbit realizes that his only way to survive might be following in his captor’s footsteps and thus becoming like the monster who considers himself his father…

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Chained is the best film about a serial killer since Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Period. Bold statement? You bet. Both films deal with subject matter that can easily venture into the exploitative, but instead they handle it with intelligence, restraint, and a masterful touch.” Ehren Hertel Rock! Shock! Pop!

“Jennifer Lynch’s Chained is a repugnant exercise in physical and psychological sadism that, like her Boxing Helena 20 years ago, raises the question of whether a movie directed by a woman can be as mindlessly misogynist as any man’s. Well crafted within its extreme limits, it boasts no character insight, social commentary or discernible overall point to counter charges…” Dennis Harvey, Variety





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