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The Nameless (Spanish: Los Sin Nombre; Catalan: Els sense nom) is a 1999 Spanish horror film directed by Jaume Balagueró (REC) and starring Emma Vilarasu, Karra Elejalde and Tristan Ulloa. It is based on the 1981 horror novel by English writer Ramsey Campbell.



The mutilated body of a six year-old girl is found in a water hole. The girl is identified as the missing daughter of Claudia. However, only two pieces of evidence could be used to identify her; a bracelet with her name on it near the crime scene, and the fact that her right leg was three inches longer than her left.

All other methods of identification were removed from her body. Five years later Claudia, now addicted to tranquillisers, receives a phone call from someone claiming to be her daughter, asking for her mother to come find her before ‘they’ kill her.

Other mysterious clues show up, further indicating that Claudia’s daughter is indeed still alive, and very much in danger. Claudia, a run-down ex-cop, and a parapsychology reporter put together the clues to discover Angela’s whereabouts…

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” …Jaume Balagueró’s multi-award-winning feature debut builds up an overwhelming and oppressive sense of dread with plenty of suspense thrown in. As the characters’ fear grows, so does yours – and the film is more chilling than a snowball down the pants.” Eye for Film

“The best reason to watch the film, apart from Xavi Gimenez’s stunningly chilly cinematography, is for the atmosphere, which is as grim and clammy as any genre fan could desire. This is not, by any measure, a pleasant film and it has a kind of uncompromisingly adult quality which we don’t see often enough. The Digital Fix


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