THE BABYSITTER: KILLER QUEEN (2020) Reviews and overview

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The Babysitter: Killer Queen is 2020 American comedy horror film and a sequel to The Babysitter (2015), which premiered on Netflix in 2017.

Directed by ‘McG’ (Terminator Salvation; Charlie’s Angels) from a screenplay written by Dan Lagana.

The movie stars Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, Leslie Bibb and Emily Alyn Lind.


Two years after defeating a satanic cult led by his babysitter Bee, Cole’s trying to forget his past and focus on surviving high school. But when old enemies unexpectedly return, Cole will once again have to outsmart the forces of evil…


“The directing and hyper-stylized tone holds up as well as it did in the first movie. Add in some great gore, and on paper, this looks like a home run. But the one thing The Babysitter: Killer Queen needed the most is the one thing it’s missing; purpose. It adds almost nothing to the original and is essentially a soft reboot.” Arrow in the Head

” …if you liked the first, you’ll likely be pleased with the second […] This movie takes a lot of weird turns, plays a lot of unexpected tunes, and really keeps you guessing. Not in terms of plot or anything, you know how it’s going to end, you’ll just be pretty surprised at some of the pit stops they take in getting there.” @ssholes Watching Movies

“While there are a few triumphant surprises in store, this sequel tried to recreate its predecessor’s highlights while overstuffing it with pop culture references, high school tropes, and contrived shenanigans. There’s at least enough here to ensure you won’t be bored. In terms of mindless entertainment, that is.” Bloody Disgusting

“The story itself is convoluted to the max and there are about two too many twists, but it’s still a fun ride. Truthfully, The Babysitter: Killer Queen thrives somewhere in the second act and chases that excitement for the rest of the film to varying degrees effect. That said, this is going to make a lot of horror fans happy, much like the first one, but it lacks the heart that made The Babysitter stick out…” But Why Tho?

“With a breakneck pace, the entire experience rides on greased rails, leaving the audience to enjoy the surprises around every turn. As Cole continues to grow into a man, this potential franchise finds itself becoming more confident and assured with what it’s good at. Not every sequel gets to know itself as well as The Babysitter: Killer Queen does in its second outing…” CinemaBlend

Killer Queen is flawed but a lot of fun, and has a good time with its gore and grue as the original did. I doubt this is the end of the film series altogether, but if it has to be, I’m absolutely satisfied with how it’s all resolved. I hope if we get a third one the writers think outside the box once again and deliver something unique and fun.” Cinema Crazed

Killer Queen essentially reiterates the same plot, but junks it up with dumb overstylized flashbacks, cutaway gag-sequences, dopey supporting characters and an earnest-emo backstory subplot that’s like finding a stag beetle in your ice cream. There’s no reason this thing should be 101 minutes. No reason.” Decider

“Like the first movie, Killer Queen was also filled with plenty of outrageous gore effects, some of which are bound to have you roaring with laughter. We also have to give McG credit for trying to create genuine tension and suspense between the comedy elements instead of just relying on cheap jump scares…” Dread Central

“Gleefully gruesome and deceivingly clever, the film offers a good time for fans of slashers. If you can handle its fairly hammy comedic moments and unlikeable characters, then you’ll see the love it has for pop culture and the horror films that came before it. Dammit, McG, you got me again…” Flickering Myth

The Babysitter: KIller Queen amps up the laugh and the gore but it’s missing a lot of the heart that once been present. Part of that is the missing Weaving and some of it can be chalked up to the convoluted story that throws twist upon twist for mostly pointless reasons. Not all is lost, though. In our third act we get two things that really allow Killer Queen to ascend to near original heights.” Ghastly Grinning

“This flick has more twists than a slinky. It’s very clever and well-timed too. Just when you think you know what’s about to happen, McG switches it up on you. The ending is both unexpected and very fitting […] As for the special effects – and there’s a ton of them, from gushing blood to car accidents – look amazing.” Horror Fuel

“Every joke is a piece of low-hanging fruit, every gag sophomoric, every “zinger” a dated bit of teen-friendly innuendo […] Some of the effects are OK, and the night shots around the lake show some sophistication. But the script is utter crap, the performances pro forma and the “threat” even sillier, if bloodier, than it was last time around.” Movie Nation

“The attempt at sincere messaging on shared trauma is ham-fisted and shoe-horned in. The humor is hollow and cringe-worthy. The relationships between the characters feel more like going through the motions than actually watching a story unfold. The film does not work as a horror and it certainly doesn’t work as a comedy.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“ …Killer Queen is simply less competently made than the first movie in every way, something that’s amplified by its less engaging story. The first film had the benefit of simplicity—pretty people in a house dying in extreme ways—and Weaving’s fun performance. This one is rushed and haphazard from beginning to end, from its more nonsensical story to some truly choppy editing…”

“The horror part of this horror/comedy takes a little while to get in gear, and the latter portion aims squarely for the lowest common denominator from the start […] Every generation needs its cheeseball raunch comedies, I guess, and perhaps undiscriminating teenagers will dig this stuff.” Rue Morgue


The Babysitter: Killer Queen premiered on Netflix on September 10th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Bella Thorne … Allison
Robbie Amell … Max
Leslie Bibb … Mom
Emily Alyn Lind … Melanie
Jenna Ortega
Ken Marino … Dad – The Babysitter; Bad Milo!
Hana Mae Lee … Sonya
Judah Lewis … Cole
Amanda Cerny … Violet
Andrew Bachelor … John
Maximilian Acevedo … Jimmy
Chris Wylde … Melanie’s Annoying Dad
Amber Pauline Magdesyan … Hot Bikini Girl
Carl McDowell … School Nurse
Juliocesar Chavez … Diego
Samara Weaving … Bea

Production companies:

Boies / Schiller Film Group
Wonderland Sound and Vision

Technical details:

101 minutes

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