THE GRAPES OF DEATH (1978) Reviews and overview



The Grapes of Death – original title: Les Raisins de La Mort – is a 1978 French horror feature film directed by Jean Rollin. It stars Marie-Georges Pascal, Felix Marten and Brigitte Lahaie, a Rollin favourite, also appears.

The plot centres on a young woman who becomes trapped in a village where a dangerous pesticide has turned the residents into the living dead.

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According to director Rollin while shooting the unclothed scene with Brigitte Lahaie the temperature was so cold that the actress couldn’t speak her lines.


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“Overall, I believe this to be one of Rollin’s greatest efforts, alongside The Living Dead Girl. Many viewers may be put off by its slow-moving nature, but I feel that this only adds to the sense of dread within the film itself. It’s a zombie movie that’s completely in a class of its own.” Digital Retribution

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“Rollin’s film is obviously much less heady than Romero’s, and it isn’t as intriguing or well-spun as Ossorio’s underrated classic. France’s first excursion into gratuitous splatter leaves a lot to be desired–the gore is adequate but clearly derivative of what other countries (especially Italy) had been up to for a few years by that point.” Oh, The Horror!

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