The Grapes of Death – France, 1978 – reviews


The Grapes of Death – original title: Les Raisins de La Mort – is a 1978 French horror feature film directed by Jean Rollin. It stars Marie-Georges Pascal, Felix Marten and Brigitte Lahaie, a Rollin favourite, also appears.


The plot centres on a young woman who becomes trapped in a village where a dangerous pesticide has turned the residents into the living dead. In what is a rare departure from his usual vampire films, director Jean Rollin here tackles zombies and manages to mix scenes that are reminiscent of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead with images of gothic sexuality and blood drenched gore.


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According to director Rollin while shooting the nude scene with Brigitte Lahaie the temperature was so cold that the actress couldn’t speak her lines.


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“Overall, I believe this to be one of Rollin’s greatest efforts, alongside The Living Dead Girl. Many viewers may be put off by it’s slow moving nature, but I feel that this only adds to the sense of dread within the film itself. It’s a zombie movie that’s completely in a class of it’s own.” Steve Smith, Digital Retribution

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” … best described as The Crazies transplanted to the rural Euro trappings of the Blind Dead series. Rollin’s film is obviously much less heady than Romero’s, and it isn’t as intriguing or well-spun as Ossorio’s underrated classic. France’s first excursion into gratuitous splatter leaves a lot to be desired–the gore is adequate but clearly derivative of what other countries (especially Italy) had been up to for a few years by that point.” Brett Gallman, Oh, The Horror!

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Zombie Lake

The Night of the Hunted

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Lips of Blood


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