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‘A terrifying encounter with the unknown’

Prey – also known as Alien Prey – is a 1977 British science fiction horror feature film directed by Norman J. Warren (Satan’s Slave; TerrorBloody New Year) from a screenplay written by Max Cuff, based loosely on The Fox (1922) by D. H. Lawrence.

The movie stars Glory Annen, Barry Stokes (The Corruption of Chris Miller), Sally Faulkner, Sandy Chinney, Eddie Stacey and Jerry Crampton.

The synth score by Ivor Slaney is very typical of the late 70s/early 80s soundtracks for horror movies from this period.


Jessica awakens when an alien spacecraft lands nearby. After dispatching a young couple, the alien assumes the identity of the recently dispatched young man. Jessica and her possessive lover Josephine invite “Anders” in when it appears he’s hurt.

Soon, Jessica becomes suspicious of Josephine’s overbearing ways and relies more on the alien for support, but his purpose on earth remains unclear…

On February 27, 2018, Vinegar Syndrome released Prey as a Blu-ray/DVD combo.

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Newly scanned and restored in 2K from 35mm negative
Commentary track with Norman J. Warren (director) and Sally Faulkner (actress)
“Directing the Prey” – interview with Norman J. Warren
“Becoming the Prey” – interview with Sally Faulkner
“Producing the Prey” – interview with Terry Marcel (producer)
Original theatrical trailer
Reversible cover artwork
English SDH subtitles


In order to film in the lake where Anders was rescued by the two girls, the actors had to have injections as the dirty water was a dumping ground. Warren certainly got the most out of this footage – it plays in slow motion for several minutes. The whole film only took ten days to shoot.


‘The film is very low budget, but is well-acted by the three principals, and it never tries to override its limitations, therefore succeeding. The make-up by Harry Frampton is limited but nicely done, allowing Anderson to slip into his monstrous state (complete with fangs and red contact lenses) during his fits of rage, and although there is an extensive lesbian love-making scene, it seems totally essential to the plot…” DVD Drive-In


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‘Despite its daft synopsis, Prey is very convincingly written and rises above its exploitation roots to be an interesting and entertaining film, with an effective atmosphere running throughout. Partly recommended to exploitation fans.’ Mondo Esoterica

” …a contemplative treatment of sexuality and complex relationships and the small fissures that can become canyons separating a couple with only the slightest assistance. Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty of blood for everyone, and the film loses all sense of propriety as things go from fun to frightening in the final insane reel. Prey is a truly misunderstood and under-appreciated gem…” Screen Anarchy

” … a quirky British horror movie, with a fantastically deranged performance by Faulkner. There may be a lack of locations, being set entirely in the house and the grounds, and the lighting might be a little on the poor side but it is a satisfying low budget, surreal horror that is not, unfortunately, a vampire movie but is well worth seeing.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

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“It’s not for everyone though; it’s slow, strange, and largely lacking in any actual horror. But if you’re like me and can appreciate, well, a slow, weird movie in which an alien does his best to break apart a hermitic lesbian couple, then you should dig this obscure British flick.” Horror Movie a Day

“There’s no doubt that there is plenty of talent involved here, the major drawback is the lack of substance to complement what the director is seemingly trying to say. Norman J. Warren is known to include sudden eruptions of graphic violence in his films; Alien Prey is no exception, it just happens to be too little, too late under the circumstances.” The Church of Splatter-Day Saints

“Lousy British cheapie, a feeble excuse for torrid X-rated lesbian scenes… Shoddy exploitation, with terrible makeup and cliched effects. Directed tastelessly by Norman J. Warren from an equally tasteless script by Max Cuff.” John Stanley, Creature Features

“Where it does come up trumps is in its dark, brooding atmosphere. Warren invokes an unnerving aura of malaise that engulfs the entire proceedings and the tension between the protagonists as they interact is almost tangible.” Tim Greaves, Ten Years of Terror 

Ten Years of Terror FAB Press book Harvey Fenton David Flint

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Poster designed by Tom Chantrell



Cast and characters:

Barry Stokes … Anders/Kator
Glory Annen … Jessica
Sally Faulkner … Josephine
Sandy Chinney … Sandy, Anders’ girlfriend
Eddie Stacey and Jerry Crampton … Policemen

Filming locations:

Littleton House in Littleton Park, Surrey (the original site of Shepperton Studios), England

Some image credits: Tom Chantrell | VHS Collector


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