GREAT WHITE (1998) Reviews and overview

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“No one thought it could happen in a river…now, one man must convince them before it’s too late!’

Great White is a 1998 American action horror film about a desert town in Nevada being terrorised by a huge shark.

Written and directed by Zac Reeder – his sole directorial credit – and produced by Bryan Todd.

The movie stars Richard Keats, Terry Arrowsmith, Stephanie Allen, R.J. Collins and C.J. Morrow.


Based on the Jersey Shore attacks of 1916, a string of mysterious deaths begin to plague a small desert town. The events attract the attention of Professor Steven Miller (Richard Keats).

At first, Sheriff Ross (Terry Arrowsmith) claims the incidents are the result of mountain animals – but the circumstances don’t add up, and Miller is sceptical. With a shark sighting by a town drunk and a chewed-up body that has washed ashore, Steven must convince the doubtful law enforcement that the waters of Laughlin, Nevada have been invaded by a twelve-foot Great White shark…


“So much about it is an easy target: the amateur acting, the low-grade effects, the soundtrack full of 90s alt-rock riffs, the writing, etc. But just know that Reeder at least plays it earnestly so earnestly, in fact, that it becomes completely charming. The way he charges right into the silliness without flinching is infectious […] Just about every plot development is adorably cornball…” Oh, the Horror!

“While you can’t exactly say “well written and acted” with some of the cheesy dud lines and awful nonacting of some of the cast, Keats and Allen are surprisingly competent for a no-budget indie of this ilk, with their all too believable performances and Reeder’s thoughtful, deliberately paced script and direction more than carrying the multifarious weaker cast members in their wake.” Third Eye Cinema



Cast and characters:

Richard Keats … Steven Miller
Terry Arrowsmith … Sheriff Ross
Stephanie Allen … Nancy Miller
R.J. Collins … David Miller
C.J. Morrow … Sarge
Crockett Maricle … The Sergeant
Drew Wood … Joe
Michael Main … Jake

Filming locations:

Laughlin, Nevada

Technical details:

90 minutes

Alternate titles:

Released in Germany as Shark – Das Grauen aus der Tiefe “Shark – The Horror from the Deep” and Jurassic Shark 2. In Japan, it was retitled Jaws ’98.


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