JAWS: THE REVENGE (1987) Reviews and overview

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‘This time it’s personal.’
Jaws: The Revenge is a 1987 American action horror film about Chief Brody’s widow who believes that her family is being targeted by another shark… out for revenge!

This was the third sequel to blockbuster hit Jaws (1975) after Jaws 2 (1978) and Jaws III (1983).

Directed by Joseph Sargent from a screenplay written by Michael de Guzman, based on characters created by Peter Benchley. The movie stars Lorraine Gary, Lance Guest, Mario Van Peebles, Karen Young and Michael Caine.

“The acting was subpar (Jake’s accent didn’t help either), though Michael Cane and Judith Barsi had some good moments. The shark was laughably bad, the editing was a mess, some parts just didn’t look right, the plot was just weird, and just the final scenes with the shark didn’t make a lick of sense!” Bad Movies

Jaws: The Revenge is regarded by most as the worst of the series, although that is a distinction that surely belongs to the incredibly dull Jaws 3-D. Certainly Jaws: The Revenge is at least an improvement over that, which isn’t saying much […] Sargent manages one or two good chomping scenes…” Moria

Jaws the Revenge is not simply a bad movie, but also a stupid and incompetent one – a ripoff. And that’s a surprise, because the film is the fourth in a series that has served Universal Pictures long and well, and it stars Lorraine Gary, the wife of the studio’s chief executive officer.” Roger Ebert

“The attack sequences, full of jagged cuts and a great deal of noise, more closely resemble the view from inside a washing machine.” Variety

“Feeling like a dull TV movie; this is uninspired and tired stuff that suffers from stale dialogue, a ridiculous premise (I don’t care it’s a movie – a shark can not hold a vendetta and follow someone across the ocean hundreds of miles!), Mario Van Peebles and his embarrassing Rastafarian scientist role and a junky finale.” The Video Graveyard


Joseph Sargent on Jaws: The Revenge

Cast and characters:
Lorraine Gary … Ellen Brody
Lance Guest … Michael Brody
Mario Van Peebles … Jake
Karen Young … Carla Brody
Michael Caine … Hoagie
Judith Barsi … Thea
Mitchell Anderson … Sean Brody
Lynn Whitfield … Louisa
Jay Mello … Young Sean Brody (archive footage)
Cedric Scott … Clarence
Charles Bowleg … William
Melvin Van Peebles … Mr Witherspoon
Mary Smith … Tiffany
Edna Billotto … Polly
Fritzi Jane Courtney … Mrs Taft

Technical details:
89 minutes | 92 min (unrated edition)
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
Audio: Dolby Stereo

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