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‘Stare into sheer horror!’

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt is a 2011 comedy horror film and is a belated sequel to the 1999 The Killer Eye. It was directed and produced by Charles Band from his original story for his company Full Moon Features. The screenplay was written by Kent Roudebush and August White.

Killer Eye Halloween Haunt (2011)

Main cast:

Erica Rhodes, Olivia Alexander, Chelsea Edmundson, Ariana Madix and Lauren Furs.


When Jenna asks her four attractive girlfriends to help convert an old mansion into a Halloween Haunt, they decide to party instead. Things get steamy between the young women until they accidentally unleash the half-pint, horrible Killer Eye, a perverse party crasher from beyond. Bent on having his way, the Killer Eye will stop at nothing until he gets exactly what he wants: a human mate…



“Where the movie fails is the horror aspect of it. It’s quite awhile before the killing starts and with an already short running time, the last act felt very rushed. The horror action was predictable and there was no real intense scenes or moments of suspense. Surprisingly there were a few cool gore moments but not near enough to make up for the lack of horror.”


“It’s a Boogeyman 2-level hack job which features whole chunks of the original film, and runs at an exceedingly brisk 67 minutes, 8 or 9 of which are the opening and closing credits. Someone needs to stop letting Charlie Band make movies, since his best film was made in 1977 (that would be Crash!). Avoid like the plague.” Jon Muggleton,

killer eye 3





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