DRACULA (THE DIRTY OLD MAN) (1969) Reviews and overview

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Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) is a 1969 American comedy horror feature film written and directed by William Edwards.



Count Dracula (Vince Kelley) – or Alucard, as he is called here, speaking with a Jewish accent  – is hiding out in an abandoned mine. He kidnaps Doctor Irving Jekyllman (Billy Whitton) and enslaves him, turning him into the Jackalman, and sending him out to lure female blood donors back to his underground lair…

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The sound recording on the film was so bad that the entire movie was redubbed in post-production, adding to the bizarre feel of the movie. It was shot in the legendary California Bronson Canyon location.


The film lifts elements from other vampire films. The idea of Dracula hiding out in the desert, in an abandoned mine, seems to be taken from The Return of Dracula and Billy the Kid vs. Dracula, while the wolfman (or JackalMan) servant was first used in The Return of the Vampire.

Presumably obsessed with jackals, director Edwards later shot the obscure The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackal.

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“All of the dialogue is dubbed, and has been so in a way that seems as if the narrators are lampooning the film. A lot of the time it sounds as if their lines are being improved. And, most of the time, the narrators speak even when the mouths of the actors are not moving in order to wrench in something funny.” Bad Movie Nite

“There are perhaps a couple of chuckles poking fun of the original film but most of this is painfully unfunny and incredibly irritating… and the characters never seem to shut up. Even when doing simple things like walking, driving or looking in windows, we’re treated to the characters telling us they’re walking, driving or looking in windows.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

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