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Terror and Black Lace is a 1985 Mexican horror film, originally titled Terror y encajes negros, directed and scripted by Luis Alcoriza, from a story by Ramón Obón.

The movie stars Gonzalo Vega, Maribel Guardia, Claudio Obregón, Jaime Moreno and Claudia Guzmán.

Capsule review:

Terror y encajes negros is a Mexican psycho-thriller filled with moustaches, machismo and melodrama but little else. Dismally dreary and, sadly, it’s of little interest even for fans of world horror cinema.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES & MANIA


“The story takes a turn in the final 30 minutes when Isabel is terrorized by the psychotic Cesar (played by veteran character actor Claudio Obregón) after she witnesses him disposing of a dead body in her building. To the film’s credit, though, Isabel’s ordeal isn’t just horror for horror’s sake; it’s skillfully woven back into the main story as a way of highlighting both Isabel’s loneliness and her husband’s irrational distrust.” Amazon.com



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