DARK SEA (2013) Reviews of Brazilian horror

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Dark Sea is a 2013 Brazilian horror film written and directed by Rodrigo Aragão (Night of the Chupacabras; Mud Zombies).


Mayra Alarcón, Carol Aragão, Kika de Oliveira, Walderrama Dos Santos and Tiago Ferri.



Strange contamination strikes a fisherman’s village. When fish and shellfish become evil creatures that transmit death and destruction, the lonely Albino risks his soul for the love of his life, in a desperate fight for survival…


Dark Sea is a crazy and crazed horror film…an old-fashioned B-Movie affair that may make little sense, but as a gore-splattered creature feature it ticks pretty much all of the right boxes.” Screen Daily

“Besides the look of the gore and the sea-creature zombies (especially one big surprise at the end), there is not that much that is new, witty or exciting here. But it’s definitely an entertaining watch with superb gore, and it is Aragão’s best so far.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

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Original title:

Mar Negro (“Black or Dark Sea”)

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