THE LIVELY VAMPIRES OF VÖGEL (1975) Reviews and overview



Las alegres vampiras de Vögel (translation: “The Lively Vampires of Vögel”) is a 1975 Spanish horror sex comedy feature film co-scripted and directed by Julio Pérez Tabernero (Sexy Cat, Cannibal Terror). The movie stars Ágata Lys, María José Cantudo, Germán Cobos, Rafael Conesa and José María Tasso.

According to internet sources, the film contains no nudity or gore and is a belated take on Roman Polanski’s 1967 film The Fearless Vampire Killers. Images posted on Spanish blog No hija, no indicate that a werewolf may also be part of the proceedings.


The town of Vögel, in Transylvania, stands under the ruins of the old castle where the vampire lord tortured his prisoners and drank their blood.

A group of stranded entertainers take shelter in the remote European castle and Count Erik is naturally delighted to receive them. The Count lays on a great dinner served by “zombies” resurrected at his will. Once the guests retire to rest, the nocturnal action begins…



‘The film is bad as hell and deserves to be only seen as a comic tribute to horror, anyone hoping to see a movie with a reason, a real plot and an outcome, will be disappointed.’ No hija, no [translated from Spanish].





Gracias to Spanish language blog No hija, no for some of the images above.