GHOST SHARK (2013) Reviews and overview



Ghost Shark is a 2013 American supernatural horror film directed by Griff Furst (Arachnoquake, Swamp Shark, Lake Placid 3; Starve) from a screenplay co-written with Paul A. Birkett (HellhoundsArachnoquakeHaunted High). It stars Amy Brassette, Sloane Coe and Dave Davis.



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When rednecks on a fishing trip kill a great white shark, its spirit comes back for revenge, and soon turns its sights on the town of Smallport. Teenage Ava, her younger sister Cicely and friend Blaise witness the start of the ghost shark’s rampage but the authorities don’t believe their story.

With the help of a crotchety alcoholic lighthouse keeper named Finch the teens discover that the spectral shark can hunt wherever there’s water (even a cup of water!), and that the town’s dark past may provide the clues they need to defeat it…


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“So if Jaws made people afraid to go into the ocean, Ghost Shark one-ups it by adding swimming pools and toilet seats to the roster of dangerous locales. Yet for whatever reason, Ghost Shark never approaches the laughably bad stage, settling for just plain ol’ bad. That includes a cameo by Night Court’s Richard Moll, who chews even more scenery than the ostensible spectral-finned star of the show.” Bryan Lowry, Variety


“The thrills in this haunted town come fast and furious, too fast to keep (body) count. Since the shark is a ghost, it can wreak bloody murder anywhere there’s water. Not just at the beach but also a teen pool party: “We got a bunch of mutilated bodies in our yard!” At the sorority (bikini) car wash. Fire hydrants. And the water cooler. Household plumbing? Yes! There, too!” Diane Werts, Newsday

“And then … and this is the key point … everyone else plays these things completely straight. Like, they gawk at the shark emerging from a detective as if it’s terrifying rather than absurd. It’s terrific. One wink and the whole edifice would have fallen apart completely.” The Bad Movie Marathon


Even the toilet isn’t safe!


Main cast:

  • Amy Brassette (Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Gators)
  • Sloane Coe (Devil’s DueZombie Shark; Proof of the Devil 2)
  • Dave Davis (The Final Girls)
  • Jaren Mitchell (Haunted High; American Horror House; The Town That Dreaded Sundown)
  • Thomas Francis Murphy (Snakehead Swamp; Demonic; Abbatoir)
  • Lucky Johnson (Arachnoquake; American Horror Story; Bayou Tales)
  • Mackenzie Rosman
  • Richard Moll (Evilspeak, Sorority Party Massacre; Slay Belles)
  • Dave Davis
  • Sloane Coe
  • Robert Aberdeen (Devil’s Due)
  • Kim Collins (Zombie Hamlet)
  • Shawn C. Phillips (Assault of the Sasquatch and many other horror movies)


The film debuted on the Syfy channel on August 22, 2013.

Filming locations:

Louisiana, USA