BATTLE OF THE DAMNED (2013) Reviews and overview

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Battle of the Damned is a 2013 American action/sci-fi/horror film written, co-produced and directed by Christopher Hatton, and starring Dolph Lundgren (Acceleration; Dead Trigger; Welcome to Willits; Don’t Kill It; Shark Lake).



A group of mercenaries led by Maj. Max Gatling (Dolph Lundgren) are fleeing from a failed rescue attempt, having been hired by a rich industrialist to enter a zombie-infested city to rescue his daughter Jude (Melanie Zanetti).

At the extraction point, Gatling tells Smiley (Jeff Pruitt) that he is staying to find Jude and complete the mission. After searching through the city and killing many zombies on the way, he locates Jude and tells her that he is going to get her out of the city, and she takes him to other survivors…



“There is a lot of energetic fun to be had here, not least of which is witnessing Lundgren gouge eyes, slit throats and bury his hatchet in the skulls of the undead. The special effects are adequate for this production level, with surprising detail paid to the robot hunter/killers.” Movie Mavericks


“Overall, Battle of the Damned is a disappointing film with terribly shot action scenes but it’s redeemed by Dolph’s awesome badass and the odd one-liner. It’s a shame because the idea of robots vs. zombies is cool, but the execution just didn’t live up to it.” The Action Lite


” …Battle of the Damned hit the trashy pleasure spot! Sure the middle section got bogged down a bit, the budget constraints sometimes showed, the shaky cam was annoying at times and Oda Maria’s top staying on was a travesty (there was no other purpose to that role), but on the whole Lundgren + Zombies + Robots + Mayhem = all good!’


In the USA, Battle of the Damned was unleashed on Blu-ray and DVD on February 18, 2014.

Filming locations:

Johor Baharu, Malaysia

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