AQUASLASH (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Blood is slicker than water’

Aquaslash is a 2019 Canadian slasher horror feature film directed by Renard Gauthier (Discopath)  from a screenplay co-written with Philip Kalin-Hajdu. The movie stars Nicolas Fontaine, Brittany Drisdale, Madeline Harvey and Paul Zinno.


A killer uses the unstoppable speed and sudden turns of water slides to their murderous advantage…


“For most of its running time, it would be easy to just write Aquaslash off. That 50 minute stretch has some entertainment value, sure, but there’s not much in there to make the movie worth recommending. But then we reach the moment slasher fans are waiting for, and Gauthier does something more interesting and unique than just having someone run around the park with a machete.” Arrow in the Head

“Even with such a scant runtime, Aquaslash feels padded and undisciplined, because unless you’ve got an over-the-odds tolerance for inane teen banter, the juice – that is, the gory finale – just ain’t worth the squeeze. Sporadic laughs and a mercifully brief length aren’t enough to compensate for a disappointing lack of aquatic slashing.” Flickering Myth

“I think writer/director Renaud Gauthier should have pulled a From Dusk ’til Dawn with Aquaslash… advertised it strictly as an ’80s sex-romp… given it a generic title like Wet Dreams, or some such shit… then just totally f*cked up the audience when things get full-on gorehound in the finale.” Horror Fuel

” …a film that tried hard to compete with Piranha 3DD in the truly awful aquatic-based horrors department. It fails, thankfully. A maniac fits blades to a water slide and the film is one long build to the (poorly CGI-enhanced) carnage that ensues. Attempts at a Giallo-style backstory and a very silly killer reveal indeed all help to harm this one.” House of Mortal Cinema

“Overflowing with dull character relationships, a complete lack of actual slashings and an unresolved “twist” ending that may make you want to drown your memory of ever having seen it, Aquaslash is a stinker better off letting sink to the bottom of the pool. And if it ever is streaming, just fast forward to the last ten minutes for that kill sequence.” Killer Horror Critic

“Creator Renaud Gauthier’s knows the limitation of his idea. He invests in characters and ambiance, first and foremost. We’re aware shit will hit the fan, at some point, and we patiently wait. This is a simple film with a crazy hook and brilliant build-up. The chicks are hot and the gore is extremely well done; very elaborate.” Tales of Terror

“There’s way too much Porky’s and not nearly enough Friday the 13th in the retro mix. We’re nearly 20 minutes in before a couple of drunken idiots have an accident and spill some blood. At around the half-hour mark, we see an unseen figure begin to sabotage the park’s slides and someone is shot to death off-screen. And that’s about it until the last fifteen minutes.” Voices from the Balcony

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The world premiere of Aquaslash was in July at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. The film is currently available on VOD.

Cast and characters:

Nicolas Fontaine … Josh
Brittany Drisdelle … Priscilla
Madeline Harvey … Alice
Paul Zinno … Tommy
Xavier Sotelo … Lawyer
Lanisa Dawn … Kimberley
Nick Walker … Paul Wilkinson
Jessica Abruzzese … Car Wash Girl
Howard Rosenstein … Michael Randall
Samantha Hodhod … Cindy
Chip Chuipka … Conrad
Jonathan Emond … Bad Boy #1
Ryan Ali … Slim
Suzanna Lenir … Mrs Danforth
Charlotte Bourdeau Drouin … Bad Girl
Cameron Geller … Chad
Jeremy Lavigne … Brad (as Jay Lavigne)
Owen Bruemmer … Jimmy
Ivan Ossa … Big Phil (as Daniel Ivan Ossa)
Anne-Sophie Lamontagne … Bad Girl

Technical details:

71 minutes


Canadian horror


2019 films