Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge aka Seed 2: The New Breed – Germany, 2014


‘The seed is growing again’

Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge – aka Seed 2: The New Breed  is a 2014 German horror feature film produced by the director of the original, Uwe Boll, and directed by Marcel Walz (TorturaLa Petite Morte and sequel; Blood Feast).

The movie stars Natalie Scheetz, Christa Campbell, Caroline Williams (Hatchet III), Annika Strauss, Nick Principe, Micaela Schaefer.

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Returning from her bachelorette party in Las Vegas, Christine (Scheetz) and her friends Olivia (Campbell), Barbara (Sarah Hayden), and Claire (Strauss) are driving through the hot desert of Nevada. But they are not alone… serial killer Max Seed is back, and he brought the whole family!


Cast and characters:

  • Natalie Scheetz as Christine McDonagh
  • Christa Campbell as Olivia
  • Caroline Williams as Mrs. McDonagh
  • Nick Principe as Maxwell Seed
  • Annika Strauss as Claire
  • Manoush as Officer Seed/Emily Bishop
  • Sarah Hayden as Barbara
  • Jared Demetri Luciano as Glen Seed
  • Jeff Dylan Graham as Joe
  • Ryan Nicholson as Man in Truck
  • Micaela Schäfer as Victim

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