DEAD IN TOMBSTONE (2013) Reviews and overview

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Dead in Tombstone is a 2013 American horror western film produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment. It was directed by Roel Reiné from a screenplay by Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles. The film stars Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, Mickey Rourke and Dina Meyer.

The film begins with a narration on the West, or the “New Frontier”, described by the narrator — Lucifer (Mickey Rourke), one of the seven Princes of Hell, — as a “heartless, lawless viper pit”, contrary to popular belief that it is made up of “god-fearing” good folk. Lucifer goes on to justify why the West is an “American nightmare”.

Big-time crook Red Cavanaugh (Anthony Michael Hall) is seconds from being given the noose, but he is saved from death by the six members of the Blackwater Gang, led by the notorious outlaw Guerrero De La Cruz (Danny Trejo), who has a hefty cash bounty hanging above his head. The gang massacres the law enforcement parties present and rescue Red. Following this successful feat, Red proposes that they take over Edendale, a small Colorado mining town, known for its supply of precious stones.

The sheriff’s men engage in a gunfight with the Blackwater Gang. The criminals emerge as victor, and Red kills Sheriff Bob Massey (Danielle Lapaine), going against De La Cruz’s order to not harm anybody. Red has plans to take over Edendale. A dying De La Cruz urges the rest of the gang to shoot the traitor, but Red coerces them not to, promising them that under his leadership will they become wealthy.

Under Red’s influence, the rest of the gang also starts to fire shots at De La Cruz and eventually leave his body for dead. The next day after lowering De La Cruz’s coffin, Red decides without consensus that Edendale’s name has changed to Tombstone. Condemned for eternity, De La Cruz ends up meeting Lucifer in Hell…


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“If you’re itching for a semi-homage to The Crow that takes place in the Wild West and delivers some appealing genre fun (and some wackiness) without ever coming close to being original, you could probably do worse than Dead in Tombstone — although one can’t help but think that a happy medium between this movie and the resoundingly stupid GallowWalkers would prove to be a lot more fun.” Scott Weinberg,

“Yee-Haw! What a stupid, good time this one was. Sure, you’ve seen the plot before- a very straightforward and typical revenge story. This horror-western doesn’t advertise itself as anything other than insane silliness, and it delivers. Trejo just plays different shades of pissed off, and this is clearly his film…”

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