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Pocket Chiller Library was a horror and crime themed small-format digest-size comic book published in the UK between 1971 and 1977 by Top Sellers Ltd, an imprint of Thorpe and Porter. Pocket Chiller Library ran for 137 issues and is now highly collectible.


1 The Body
2 The Jewels
3 The Monster of Rillington Place
4 Killer Doll
5 The Vampire of Dusseldorf
6 The Evil Eye
7 Hell on Earth
8 The Pirate Brothers
9 The Ghost
10 Space Virus
11 To Kill for Kicks


12 The Beast
13 The Nightmare
14 Doctor Satan
15 The Potholers
16 Public Enemy Number One
17 The Mummy
18 The Butcher from Hanover
19 Billy the Kid
20 The Statue
21 Images of Death
22 Body Snatcher


23 Followers of Satan
24 Hands of Evil
25 The Bloody Flowers
26 The Brides of Death / Hypnosis (I’ve seen 2 different versions of this edition)
27 The Secret in the Cellar
28 The Hunchback


30 Werewolf
31 The Vampire of Loban
32 The Monster Maker / Cry of the Wolfman (2 versions seen)
33 The Lake
34 Brides of Death
35 The Mutant
36 The Dead Don’t Always Sleep
37 The Cry of the Wolfman
38 The Children of the Damned
39 Daughter of Darkness
40 Fear Has a Thousand Eyes
41 Nightmare Curse
42 The Dark Fiend
43 The Dead are Awake and Walking
44 The Unquiet Grave


45 Fury
46 The Mummies
47 The Cupboard
48 Suffer a Witch to Live
49 The Finger
50 The Snake Woman
51 Epitaph to a Madman
52 The Monkey
53 The Devil Worshippers


54 Shadow on the Mind
55 The Strangler
56 The Rope
57 The Face in the Mirror
58 Suffer a Witch to Live
59 Shadows in the Night
60 The Bat
61 The Skull
62 Face in the Fog


63 The Hangman
64 Night of the Cactus
65 Unseen Master
66 Dark Vengeance
67 Trip Fantastic
68 The Spider
69 Born to Be Evil
70 The Hands of Death
71 Return from the Dead
72 The Kolby Curse


73 The Evil Comes From Out There
74 Fear of Night
75 Exterminate
76 Tomb of the Vampire
77 Dead Man’s Eyes
78 Immortal Armour
79 The Woman in the Glass Coffin
80 The Curse of Suicide
81 Execution of Sinners
82 The Devil’s Servant


83 Terror in Wax
84 Brutes of Hell
85 When Cats Purr
86 Harridan of Doom
87 Gibbet of the Damned
88 Blade of Death
89 Creature of the Night
90 Blood of Venom
91 Reign of the Beast Men
92 Evil Waters
93 The Brides of Death
94 Half Human
95 Decayed Dead
96 Man Beast


98 Condemned Woman
99 The Curse of Zilhaus
100 Powers of Darkness
101 Brink of the Grave
102 Unholy Fiends
103 Pit of Hell
104 Fear…
105 Beyond Death
106 Left to Die
107 Indescribable Terror
108 Never Again
109 Evil Fangs
110 The Fiend
111 Superhuman


112 Everlasting Night
113 Mangled Mind
114 The Strangler
115 The Rope
116 The Face in the Mirror
117 Suffer a Witch to Live
118 Shadows of the Night
119 The Bat
120 The Skull
121 Face in the Fog
122 The Hangman
123 The Night of the Cactus


124 Unseen Master
125 Dark Vengeance
126 Trip Fantastic
127 The Spider
128 Born to Be Evil
129 The Hands of Death
130 Return from the Dead
131 Exterminate!
132 The Evil Comes…
133 Fear of the Night
134 Exterminate
135 Tomb of the Vampire
136 To Kill for Kicks
137 Doctor Satan



We are grateful to the Grand Comics Database for information and images and Wotan on the Vault of Evil chat board for the checklist.

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15 Comments on “Pocket Chiller Library – comic book”

  1. Seems to me this subject is dead. Nobody’s discussing Pocket Chiller library anymore. Old guys who died out. Hey, come on, prove me wrong. Though I could be right, as I was a child back then…

    All offers from me still stand. Supply me with photostats of WHEN CATS PURR (even if just one to prove that you actually do have it) and good things will happen to you and your bank account (or whichever way you’d prefer to receive your reward)

    Yes, this advertiser is desperate. Desperate to see that artwork one more time. And a better offer than my plea for even just photostats you will not find anywhere else. Or even just information leading me in the right direction. Reward for any positive help, but only for #85 WHEN CATS PURR, originals in bad condition accepted.

    You have my e-mail address. The rest is up to you.

  2. Hi Ivan,

    I have about sixty Pocket Chiller Libraries but alas I do not have the one that warped your youthful mind. It has been on Ebay on occasion, but the bidding gets a bit fierce these days. Once upon a time nobody wanted these!

    And Mr Blog master- do you know the title of issue 97? I’ve been trying to find out for years. Did it ever exist? Did they leap from 96 to 98? The world was so wonderfully mysterious and slipshod way back in that pre-internet era.



    1. Hi Karl

      Wow, if you had better news for me what an Xmas gift it could have been! I’ll tell you what, I’ll strike you a deal you wouldn’t want to refuse.
      1) In the first place, since you obviously collect Pocket Chiller Library, you have sixty, you’d want more, next time no. 85 comes along, do buy it. Then, enjoy reading it. It turns kinda, well NC-17, not for sex, but for nudity. Research says it is exceptional in that way, compared to the others. This one (I won’t give the game away) is sort of, you know that image of the evil villain tying the heroine over the train track as the locomotive approaches? Only here the heroine is tied naked over the train track. Which is just an analogy to explain it isn’t sexual, but it is that kind of thing.
      2) make me a set of photostats, all the pages, double-page at a time. Booklet is kinda small, and OLD so I wonder how they’ll photo-copy?
      3) I’d pay a considerable price for even just that, as BIG SIGH, I am desperate. To cut to the chase, I am almost 55, am beginning to show worrying signs, I would treat myself to this blast-from-the-past in a heartbeat, what am I saving the money for? There you have my ugly truth, Karl.
      4) So, please keep doing the eBay watch. I can’t. I have no credit card. But I could send a private individual money through Western Union Money Transfer.
      5) What I’d want the most is my own copy, but as you are a Collector yourself I KNOW THE SCORE, but if you could buy two… But OK, I would settle for photostats. Half a loaf is better than no bread at all…

      Which country are you from? I’m in South Africa. Bought that little msg at a corner cafe as we returned from a seaside holiday, must have been January 1977 or ’76, and who knew from the cover it featured kinky bondage?*
      *well, strictly speaking, not really. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT Ritualistic sacrifice, yeah.

      Karl, man, pay the price, c’mon, and pump your other friends for info and a loan of their copy of 85. C’mon, you are a specialist collector, you know other people who share your enthusiasm. Borrow an 85 WHEN CATS PURR, photostat like a master spy, and share. I’ll reward.

      They are after all black-and-white line drawings, should photostat well…

      Anyway, great to have heard from you.
      You ain;t lived till you’ve encountered WHEN CATS PURR
      You’ll have sleepless nights dreaming of cats nailed above doorways, a naked corpse in bed, and well, there is SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT a chair bondage scene…

      Hope to hear from you again
      (as seen at Internet Movie Data base)
      (check out movie FALL FROM GRACE on IMDb, it is very similar to WHEN CATS PURR in one way, kinky chair bondage! I am one of the very few reviewers of that movie, and from that review, click on the link to my other reviews, and from that to my profile, and you’ll see what a mad collector I am, obsessed by all pretty actresses)

      1. Dear Friend, next time you get an opportunity to buy When Cats Purr, please buy it for me, even if it breaks your back paying for it. I am talking whatever the damn cost, if you’ll pardon the expression. You then e-mail me, arrange visible proof like a cellphone photo of an inside page of the story, you supply me with a means of paying you (I go for straightforward means, my bank will contact your bank, so I will need an account no.) and then we will have to arrange the details of how we will get the product to me.

        There is one catch, I do not pay in advance TO STRANGERS, but I have a feeling you check out. This offer is not open to just anybody, only to you. But proof of the actual product in your possession, the mentioned photograph, is an absolute must.

        To anybody else, the offer is: Send it to me, write off your expenses as a dead loss, but wait! I actually will reimburse you. I seldom deal with the public, I order from online retail outlets, I’m used to paying out anyway, so why the hell would I throw my name away? If you google the name RavenGlamDVDCollector you will find out I’m kinda heavily involved and wouldn’t want any negativity.

        That, people, is the big concern, all those chancers out there ruining everything.

        But Adrian here, I do detect that you are just a genuinely interested fan. And I think you understand why it is all merely money. I would pay mere money for the item as long as I (a) get it and (b) it is the real item, or a reasonable facsimile.

        Please don’t let money stand in the way, is what I’m trying to say. And as I keep saying, photo-copies will do, so buy the prize for yourself, and I will reimburse you for the photo-copies. You cannot get a fairer deal than that, as you can hear I am desperate to see this just once more. I am almost 57 years old and time flies!

        I trust I have made myself clear, and that you and I have that understanding.

        Oh, and just for the record, I have no interest in Pocket Chiller Library the series itself. I would have had, I’d have thought there’d be more such kinky stories, but I have it in good intel that When Cats Purr was the exception, like it’s the NC-17 in a collection of otherwise PG-Rated, to use movie terms. For the theme was very adult, like a midnight show movie with nudity and ritual sacrifice and bondage even.

        You might inform me if any of your sixty comes close to something like that. When Cats Purr has ‘kinda strong material’ it might have gotten banned as a movie during the old days.

        (Pardon me, but I kinda accept you’re from Britain.)

        Thanks for your input.

        All in good faith, Ivan
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

        1. I can honestly promise you that I will buy any copies I can find, as I am collecting the series, but I have never seen the copy you want!

          If I do ever see it, I will remember you.

  3. My last word on this site, as I only get an auto response by a robot – to any humans out there who know what I am talking about: Though I live in South Africa, I am a serious collector of anything relating to pretty girls in the media, and Pocket Chiller Library No. 85 WHEN CATS PURR…? played in a significant part during my teenage years. I will reward for an original, I will reward for photo-copies, hell, I will reward for information leading to a successful purchase, or otherwise, I’d be thrilled to even just communicate with any living soul who knows about no. 85. As for the rest of the series, I’m not really interested, I understand no. 85 was exceptional. Try me, I’m a good friend.

  4. Anybody out there who can help me to find no. 85, even just photo-copies? I’ll reward!

  5. No. 85 When Cats Purr about Sheila Davenport inspired/perverted 🙂 me for life. I would pay whatever for a decent copy or even just photocopies – surely somebody can help?

    1. Thank you for taking notice of me. I would just like to know if anybody out there with these highly collectible comic books could perhaps IN CONSIDERATION OF A REWARD let me have photocopies of no. 85 “When Cats Purr”.

      I bought it at a corner cafe in January 1976, and it has haunted me ever since I lost my copy. Whatever it takes, you just let me know.

      I’d also enter into discussions with anybody who is a fan of these little booklets, but I really only had that one. And my interest is 99,99% centered on that one.

      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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