EBOLA REX VS. MURDER HORNETS (2021) Preview of cheesy comedy horror


Ebola Rex vs. Murder Hornets is a 2021 American science-fiction comedy horror film in which the diseased dinosaur battles the murder hornets. Meanwhile, there is a zombie outbreak that is hit by several “firenados” containing flaming spiders.

Written and directed by Dustin Ferguson (Zombi VIII: Urban Decay; ArachnadoAngry Asian Murder HornetsEbola RexAmityville: Evil Never DiesThe Amityville Legacy), the SCS Entertainment production stars Mel Novak, Brinke Stevens, Eric Larsen and Jarad Allen (Angry Asian Murder Hornets).

Cast and characters:

Mel Novak … Lieutenant Gallagher
Brinke Stevens … Sergeant Preston
Eric Larsen … Doctor Rollin
Jarad Allen … TBC
Traci Burr … Veronica
Vida Ghaffari … Shelia
Ken May … Dick Steel
Michael James Daly … Thomas
John R. Walker … Peter Sommers
Erik Anthony Russo … Beach Hunk
Ashley Morgan Kilbride … Beach Babe
Ricky Egan … Victor McReed (as Victor Viral)
Robert Lankford … Earl
Yuri Lopez … Agent 065

Technical details:

70 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

Teaser trailer: