The Ghost of Cap’n Kidd action figure – merchandise



The Ghost of Cap’n Kidd was an action figure that first hit the shops in 1975, as part of the Fighting Furies line from Matchbox. This series began in 1973, and had previously featured such pirate characters as Cap’n Hook and Cap’n Peg Leg. The Fighting Furies were 9 inch figures and came complete with a button in their side which, when pressed, made the figure’s sword arm swing up and down. They also featured assorted accessories – for instance, Peg Leg’s peg had a treasure map secreted away inside it.


The Ghost of Cap’n Kidd was to cash in on juvenile mania for all things spooky, and in many ways resembles the sort of ghostly pirate figure who would crop up in Scooby Doo cartoons from time to time.He was molded in white, luminous plastic and had a skeletal pattern painted on his body, so when seen in the dark, he appeared to be a glowing skeleton! At least, he did if he’s had enough of a daylight charge.


In the USA, The Ghost of Cap’n Kidd was only available by mail order, but in Europe he could be bought in retail outlets, where he was packaged in his very own coffin! Inevitably, intact versions of the figure and his packaging now go for high prices.


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