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Necromania is a 1971 American movie with a horror theme written and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr (Plan 9 from Outer Space, Night of the Ghouls, Orgy of the Dead).

The uncredited cast is Maria Arnold, Rene Bond (Please Don’t Eat My Mother!Invasion of the Bee Girls) and Ric Lutze.

The Amazing Criswell’s coffin is seen in the film, the second of Wood’s films (after Night of the Ghouls) in which it does. Criswell’s family was in the mortician business.


The plot involves a couple, Danny and Shirley, who visit necromancer Madame Heles for a witchcraft solution to Danny’s erectile dysfunction.

Thought lost for years, it resurfaced in edited form on Mike Vraney’s Something Weird imprint in the late 1980s, then was re-released on DVD by Fleshbot Films in 2005. Opening titles indicate “Produced & directed by Don Miller. Our cast wish to remain anonymous.”


” … the acting is actually kind of funny from all the fringe characters, especially one girl who keeps pronouncing insatiable as “in-sash-able” … I did enjoy seeing that Ed Woodian mind at work, his hopes and dreams pumped into 8mm film. It’s worth watching for any true fan of his.” Mondo Exploito


“Besides Criswell’s coffin, there are other Wood traits. Bond’s name is “Shirley,” which was Wood’s transvestite name. Much of the set is decorated in red, a favorite color of Wood’s. Lutz, early in the film, makes a deliberate reference to former Wood actor Bela Lugosi.”  Plan 9 Crunch

” … the film is neither erotic nor frightening. This is not to say Necromania is absent of any merits, as it is enhanced by its tactless craft.” Not Coming


“And the film’s plot? What plot? Even by the standards of other Wood films … the plot is less than thin. Anyone watching Necromania strictly for Woodian moments are bound to be disappointed.” Andrew J. Rausch, Charles E. Pratt Jr, The Cinematic Misadventures of Ed Wood (BearManor, 2015)

Onscreen title:

Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love


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