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Terror on Tape is a gore-filled 1983 American horror video compilation of scenes from a selection of movies owned by Comet and Continental Video, with direction credited to Robert A. Worms III (although this is almost certainly a pseudonym).

Cameron Mitchell (Maneater of HydraNightmare in WaxThe Toolbox Murders) plays our host as the macabre clerk at the ‘Little Shoppe of Horrors’ video rental store. He presents ‘highlights’ from a number of horror titles for the delectation of a wimpy would-be tape renter, a macho builder and a sexy gothic lady (Michelle Bauer).



Clips include: The Deadly Spawn, Vampire Hookers, Bloodtide, Cathy’s Curse, Madhouse Mansion (Ghost Story), Frozen Scream, To the Devil a Daughter, Eerie Midnight Horror Show (The Sexorcist), Nightmare (Nightmares in a Damaged Brain), Kidnapping of a President, The Slayer, City of the Walking Dead (Nightmare City), Alien Prey (The Prey), Color Me Blood Red, 2000 Maniacs!, ScalpsBlood FeastNight Creature, Suicide Cult, Ruby.


Reviews [click links to read more]:

Terror on Tape is excessive, degrading, harsh, sleazy and decadent. In other words, it’s exactly what you want.” Brett H., Oh, the Horror!

“One of the finest moments is the soliloquy that Mitchell delivers regarding movies and horror. It’s the telltale sign that although Terror on Tape had an advertising goal, it was also made with love by people who love horror as much as the fans do. It may be reassuring to tell you that many of the films featured in Terror on Tape have been restored in some digital format, some on Blu Ray. It insures their longevity even if takes away from your own VHS obsession.” The Liberal Dead

Choice dialogue:

John Carradine, in Vampire Hookers: “Doesn’t anyone understand poetry anymore?”

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