CREATURE FEATURE (2010) Overview


‘A monster legacy comes to life!’

Creature Feature – aka Creature Feature!  is a 2010 American comedy horror feature film aimed specifically at adults. Produced by and featuring Tom Byron, it was directed by Lizzy Borden aka Janet Romano (Cannibalism).

Main cast:

Sunny Lake, Mark Zane, Anthony Rosano, Evan Stone, Tommy GunnJennifer White, Andy San Dimas.


A surprising number of these type of parodies are a lot of fun to watch, including Jonathan Morgan’s Double Feature (1999) which appears to have been the overall role model for this incompetent poverty-row portmanteau video, with Sunny Lane as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark introducing five vignettes produced in what looks like one or two days with approximately $200 worth of Halloween props and costumes. You will find yourself fast-forwarding through most of it to end your misery.

Sunny Lane impersonates Elvira as the Hostess with the Mostess:


Evan Stone apparently doing a Rotwang-impersonation, though it may be coincidental, with Jennifer White as The Bride:


Gracie Glam as a Lara Croft-lookalike, with the mummy behind the cobweb though you can’t tell it’s there until she kneels down to unwrap it.


Anthony Rosano as Count Dracula in vampire cinema’s smallest cape:


Tommy Gunn as the Wolfman:


Mark Zane as Johnny and Andy San Dimas as Barbara. With a graveyard set consisting of one plastic gravestone leaned against a tree, this actually manages to make Plan 9 from Outer Space look big-budget!


Look, there comes one of them now: The film’s producer Tom Byron as The Zombie:


Nicolas Barbano, MOVIES & MANIA

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