The Worst of Eerie Publications – comics series


The Worst of Eerie Publications

The Worst of Eerie Publications

in September 2014, IDW Publishing/Yoe Books are re-publishing some of the most gruesome and gory moments from Eerie Publications’ horror comics in a collection gathered together by Mike Howlett.

Eerie Publications was a publisher of black-and-white horror-anthology comics magazines such as Horror Tales; Terror Tales; Terrors of Dracula; Witches’ Tales and Tales of Voodoo. Less well-known and more downscale than the field’s leader, Warren Publishing (CreepyEerieVampirella), the New York City-based company was one of several related publishing ventures run by comic-book artist and 1970s magazine entrepreneur Myron Fass. They even sneaked in reprinted tales from the pre-Comics Code Authority days.




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