SEPTIC MAN (2013) Reviews and overview



‘Sh!t just got surreal’

Septic Man is a 2013 Canadian horror feature film directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Scarce; Monster Brawl) from a screenplay by Tony Burgess (Pontypool). It stars Jason David Brown, Molly Dunsworth, Tim Burd (Saw 2 and 3), Robert Maillet (Pacific Rim), Julian Richings (Survival of the Dead), Stephen McHattie.



Jack (Jason David Brown) is an average sewage worker who has been asked to investigate a water contamination in his hometown that has forced everyone else, including his pregnant wife Shelley (Molly Dunsworth), to evacuate. He decides to investigate the local sewage plant but ends up getting trapped in a septic tank by Lord Auch (Tim Burd) and his brother Giant (Robert Maillet). They refuse to let Jack out despite his pleas and the toxic sewage eventually begins to transform Jack into the hideous mutant Septic Man…

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“Some might be put off by its seemingly nonsensical narrative and distinct lack of a straightforward plot, but with solid performances from Maillet, Richings, and Burd, a pulsing yet ambient score by Nate Kreiswirth, exceptional special effects, and, of course, Burgess’s tendency to keep you thinking long after the credits roll, Cook’s Septic Man is destined to be a divisive yet damned intriguing film.” Dread Central

“Under the incoherent narrative, illogical character moves and overwrought dialogue, lies a haunting mix of body-horror, psychological drama, and jet-black, surreal, nightmarish comedy. It’s not perfect, but I think that’s kind of the point.” UK Horror Scene


“The movie rarely goes anywhere. If there’s an underlying social commentary about the crap the working class must take, it’s not clear, and Stephen McHattie’s televised cameos as a seedy mayor feels superfluous—more a fun acting choice than larger point. When Septic Man begins to accept his fate as something transformed, shouting cult-ready proclamations, it all feels unearned.” Fangoria


“Even at a mere 82 minutes it felt padded (complete with unexplained precognitive dream scenes), and (spoiler) the script doesn’t even go through with the full on tragic ending, opting for something that seems to be setting up a sequel (or positioning itself as a stealth prequel to The Toxic Avenger) instead. On the plus side, Jack’s makeup is terrific…” Badass Digest


Filming locations:

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada