Night of the Cobra Woman – USA, 1972


‘She sucks the life from the bodies of men’

Night of the Cobra Woman is a 1972 American horror film co-produced by New World Pictures that was shot in the Philippines. It was written and directed by Andrew Meyer and stars Joy Bang and Marlene Clark.


Plot teaser:

After being bitten by a very unusual cobra, a beautiful nurse can turn herself into a snake and remain eternally young. However, to keep her youthful exterior, the cursed priestess requires a steady supply of venom — and lusty young men at her beck and call to steal their youth! But trouble occurs when she falls for the boyfriend of a beautiful snake expert, and he brings along a pet eagle. Can she make a choice between a mortal male and her cobra god Movini ?


Roger Corman expressed great disappointment in the final product and thought its main problem was the script badly lacked logic.

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“It does have sex, nudity and enough bizarro qualities to make it an appealing ‘B’ level quickie, but it never feels assured of what it wants to be from one scene to the next. Just when it’s on the cusp of wrapping itself around its inherent trashiness, it slithers into other territory. If only there were more scenes as squirm-inducing as the ‘skin stripping’ sequence, we’d have something with a bit more fang for the buck. Cool Ass Cinema

“I can get behind this film to some degree, but it still suffers from terrible acting, choppy editing, and some general sloppiness. So, Night of the Cobra Woman is a bit of a mixed bag. Poorly executed to say the least, but somewhat creepy in a cheesy kind of way.” Forgotten Films


“I enjoyed this very much. Not because it’s great, but because I can’t believe whoever made this intended on producing a serious film. Complete terrible dialogue, bad acting, and the movie being all over the place when it comes to a plot, but with that being said, this can be a fun experience if you can tolerate it.” Icons of Fright


Night of the Cobra Woman (06)

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