Contamination .7 aka The Crawlers – Italy, 1993 – reviews

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‘They hunt… they feed… they kill… you’re next!’

Contamination .7 is a 1993 Canadian-Italian horror feature film directed by Aristide Massaccesi [as Joe D’Amato] and Fabrizio Laurenti, and produced by Filmirage. The film is also known as CreepersTroll 3, Troll III: Contamination Point 7, and The Crawlers. It stars Mary Sellers, Jason Saucier, Bubba Reeves, and Chelsi Stahr.

The film’s costumes were designed by former Black Emanuelle star Laura Gemser.

On April 18, 2017, the film was released on Blu-ray by Scream Factory.


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After a nuclear power plant dumps hazardous waste into a forest surrounding a small town, people begin dying in increasingly gruesome ways.

People cannot pinpoint the source of the deaths, until the EPA investigates, proving that the forests’ roots had mutated due to the waste, beginning to kill and eat people. The plants attempt to break loose, however, the EPA arrives again and bulldozes the plants, killing them, leaving the possibility that some more plants may have survived…


Like Troll 2, Troll 3 has no plot connection to the original Troll, features no trolls, and is also a horror film, not fantasy-comedy. The film has none of the original cast, nor storyline continuation, from either Troll film. An early script was apparently written with the original cast in mind. In one scene in a bar, a banjo-centric song from Troll 2 can be heard in the background.

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“If you’ve got some like-minded friends that love to make fun of bad movies, then order up a pizza, get the beer flowing and have fun with this one. Or if you’re like me and you can count the amount of friends willing to subject themselves to this level of cinematic cheese on one finger, then order that pizza (get extra cheese… treat yourself!) and your favorite beverage and make it a bad movie night.” Midnight Cinephile

“Attacking the performances is pointless — these people know how bad they are, and given the script their forced to work with, I can’t exactly blame them. The special effects, meanwhile, are almost nonexistent; watching the villainous roots in action is quite a sight to see, particularly during the film’s chaotic, nonsensical finale.” Bloody Good Horror


“To put it simply: There is nothing fun here. The movie has no nudity, no gore (apart from a quick scene where a character gets a root into his mouth and having it exit through his eye but it is so poorly made that it doesn’t really matter), no exploitative materials at all. It is just… Dull. I can’t even see it working when watching it with friends over a case of beer. It is that bad. A major avoid.” Rubber Monster Fetishism

the crawlers





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