TREEHOUSE (2014) Reviews and overview

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‘No kids allowed’

Treehouse is a 2014 American horror feature film directed by Michael Bartlett and starring Dana Melanie, J. Michael Trautmann, and Clint James. 


When a young girl and her little brother are the latest to go missing without a trace, their home town imposes a curfew, no one is allowed to go out after dark. But when a group of teenagers break the rules for a secret double date in the woods, they unwittingly stumble across an old isolated treehouse… and right into the middle of an unimaginable nightmare.

Inside, they find the missing girl but her brother has vanished. Together they start to unravel the horror behind the killings… But while they are safe inside the treehouse, they can’t stay hidden for long. Whatever is out there is watching them, and waiting for them to come down…


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“With Bartlett’s deliberate, gradual pacing of Treehouse, any fidgety lack of patience from an audience raised on cattle-prod scares will be stifled by a superbly tense, unrelenting final act that makes this low key release one to hunt down and purchase.” Scream

The elaborate treehouse in the film acts as a bunker, with the teenagers inside stalked and harassed by evil. The assault and retreat by the villains introduces some very solid conflict and a few surprises are housed in the tree limbs…” 28 Days Later Analysis

“The finale is every bit as bonkers as you’d expect which makes for an energetic, pedal to the metal conclusion to proceedings that is made even more entertaining by the wit that underlines it. On this evidence, Michael Bartlett is a director to keep an eye on.” Top Ten Films


Treehouse overall is a solid film, one that starts out extremely well  only to be hampered by a weaker final act.  But don’t let this put you off, despite this Treehouse is still head and shoulders above the vast majority of big budget horror films.” Ginger Nuts of Horror


” …pretty sub-standard even where the oversaturated market for mass produced fright films is concerned. Having three redneck, hillbilly brothers (at least one presumes they’re brothers, though this is never actually spelt out) chase you through the woods brandishing assorted knives and sawn-off shotguns, is nothing new.” The People’s Movies

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