HELLRAISER: HELLSEEKER (2002) Reviews and overview



‘Evil. Deadly. Immortal.’

Hellraiser: Hellseeker is a 2002 American horror feature film, directed by Rick Bota (Hellraiser: Deader; Hellraiser: Hellworld) from a screenplay by Carl V. Dupré and Tim Day. It is the sixth film in the Hellraiser series. It also features the return of Kirsty Cotton, the heroine from the first film and its sequel.


The movie stars Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Dean Winters, William S. Taylor, Michael Rogers, Rachel Hayward and Trevor White.

Trevor Gooden (Dean Winters) survives a car accident that apparently kills his wife Kirsty Cotton-Gooden (Ashley Laurence) when their car plunges off a bridge into the river below. Trevor manages to escape with his life, but even though police divers find both car doors open there is no sign of Kirsty.


A month later, Trevor wakes up in a hospital and realises that his wife is missing, but because of a head injury his memory is uncertain and he cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. Trevor finds himself the prime suspect in a murder case, and has two homicide detectives on his tail.


Many strange events befall him, until the Cenobite Pinhead shows him reality. The reality is that Kirsty is in fact still alive…


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“The film is not excessively gory like the first four instalments were. There’s enough to make us recoil (including a cranium drilling aided with a horrific sound effect) but nothing like the Grand Guignol when Barker was involved. Also, those looking forward to Laurence’s return may be disappointed that she isn’t on screen more.” Scott W. Davis, Horror Express

“… the movie could have shifted into Act III the moment after Trevor wakes up from the car crash. The body of Hellseeker is a narrative void, which is extremely irksome once we hit the twist and realize there was a whole other interesting story going on that we didn’t get to see because we were focusing on the wrong character.” Joshua Miller, CHUD.com


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“The Se7en-esque look kicks in again with the colors being washed out and the tone being all grim. It still works although it’s starting to get a little tired. Bota handles his directorial duties well by slapping in potent slow motion, giving the images an effective bluish tint, using the occasional blurry cam and delivering stylish camera angles.” Arrow in the Head


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Cast and characters:

  • Doug Bradley as Pinhead / Merchant (as Charles Stead)
  • Ashley Laurence as Kirsty Cotton-Gooden
  • Dean Winters as Trevor Gooden
  • William S. Taylor as Det. Mike Lange
  • Michael Rogers as Detective Givens
  • Rachel Hayward as Doctor Allison Dormer
  • Trevor White as Bret
  • Sarah-Jane Redmond as Gwen Stevens
  • Jody Thompson as Tawny
  • Kaaren de Zilva as Sage
  • Dale Wilson as Chief Surgeon / Surgeon Cenobite
  • Ken Camroux as Doctor Ambrose
  • Brenda McDonald as Angular Nurse




Choice dialogue:

“You look like Hell warmed over.”


In the USA, Hellraiser: Hellseeker was released straight to DVD by Dimension Home Video on 15 October 2002.