Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead – USA, 2013


frankensteins wax museum hartter

‘Piece by bloody piece… he built a nightmare!’

Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead – aka Doctor Frankenstein’s Wax Museum of the Hungry Dead – is a 2013 American comedy horror feature film produced and directed by Richard Griffin (Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon; Atomic Brain Invasion; The Disco Exorcist) from a screenplay co-written with Seth Chitwood. The movie stars Michael Thurber, Jamie Lyn Bagley, Samantha Acampora, and Andre Boudreau.



A group of high-schoolers on a class trip to a wax museum become the latest victims of the evil doctor Charles Frank, who is attempting to create the perfect human being from the reanimated parts of previous unlucky patrons – reanimating an army of undead mistakes and experiments as the teens try to survive the night.



Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead is exactly the kind of horror films fans should cherish and flock towards. Mr. Griffin is the kind of director that has his finger pressed firmly on the pulse of the horror genre , a director that not only has a genuine love for the monster movies of the 80’s but also possesses the knowledge and talent to truly bring those creations to life.” Demonica Vansant, Horror News

“The only downside I had with the film was the audio.  I don’t know how Griffin dubs the audio in his movie but at times the tone of the audio does not fit the facial features of the actors.  It almost made the entire cast seem monotone. Overall, this is a heartwarming love letter to campy and cheesy films from the past.  If you love cheese on your horror then you will love this one.” Blacktooth, Horror Society

“Aside from looking good (the photography and use of colour is often great) and being blessed with an effective score, Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead wins extra points for sporting an enthusiastic cast – best of whom, as per usual, is Griffin regular Thurber, who clearly enjoys hamming up as the European maniac. Laughs are often successful, if mild in their effect, characters are acerbic throughout, the pace is brisk and the gore is lurid in a Herschell Gordon Lewis manner.” Stuart Willis, Sex Gore Mutants


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“My favorite aspect of Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead was most certainly the special effects. All executed with practical make-up and prosthetics, ripped up stomachs, sawed off limbs, and chewed up guts all looked amazing. Additionally, the little bit of CG visual effects that were presented were actually pretty impressive, as well…” Frank Fulci, Repulsive Reviews

Main cast:

  • Michael Thurber
  • Jamie Lyn Bagley
  • Samantha Acampora
  • Andre Boudreau
  • Sean Carufel
  • Alex DiVincenzo,
  • Jesse Dufault
  • Christopher L. Ferreira
  • Aurora Grabill
  • Ryan Hanley
  • Shannon Hartman
  • Patrick Keeffe
  • David Langill
  • Beatriz Lopez
  • Jamie Lyn Bagley

Filming locations:

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery exhibit in Salem, Massachusetts, USA


Released on DVD in the USA courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing DVD on March 24, 2015 as Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead.

frankenstein dvd cover